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Interview with Rahi Jain , Co Founder & CEO of India Rush

This is the interview with Rahi Jain, Co Founder & CEO of India Rush taken by Bharat Go Digital

Monday September 26, 2016,

4 min Read

1. How your company started?

I guess first impression of starting a company was in school reading about Rohit Bal managing a team of 100 people. We were deeply fascinated by work done in mixing two cultures and innovative designs in Indo-Western.

During the early years of 2012, e-commerce was catching up in India which gave us the impetus to combining the both world – Digital & Fashion. Digital helps you scale and provide a wider audience than offline mediums.

We have been lucky to start at right time when things seem to working for Indian B2C digital companies.

2. What was the vision behind it?

“To create a common click for anyone when they name fashion.”

It’s a deal of handling even remote areas of India where Indiarush is a synonym of fashion and wearing trend and this is what made my journey worthwhile.

Empower merchants to reach across PAN India is the second role which made Indiarush team as a pragmatic one. At the end of the day, we all boil down when we hear about cheering sale numbers and low cost.

3. Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what way they are unique?

Indiarush team believes in bringing variety of styles at noticeable price ranges and we come up with everyday handpicked collections.

We have also introduced ‘LookBook’ section as a social platform and ‘Fashion Edit’ as a section of fashion tips and entertaining punches.

When you are the helm of your team you need to brush up your skills from time to time as well as motivate your team members. And this is all for customers around the world.

4. Difficulties which you have faced or you are facing.

We are different when it comes to tackle or managing any risk but no different when in facing those similar sounded risks in the market.

We found little bit difficulty in scaling up and positioning our brand name in the industry of E-commerce and when the matter comes at levelling up with other giants of same genre.

5. How your company is helping India to grow?

When you’re heading a start-up organization in the industry, nothing goes positive besides sheer luck. And privilege of working with directly or through channels over thousands of market players have always been a motivation for me. Various merchants and sellers are connected with us which is an obvious part taking in the growth of India.

6. Your view on Startup India Campaign.

Optimism and ‘stay a little bit ignorant on negative whispers’ was and is the mantra of my days. Call it a Second generation wooer but Startup India Campaign is all about achieving high aspirations with smartness. Industry adaptability in terms of jobs failed start-ups. After growing period of time, success story of Myntra, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and many more helped creating optimistic environment among youth and their family and peers.

7. Message to entrepreneurs

For us its mostly two things which got us through in initial phase are – Courage and Ignorance. Or you can simply conclude ‘Courage of Ignorance’. But if you stick your ground and keep exploring options, things always work out.

Also we would advice not to make your plan around external factors like raising funding or over reliance over single partner (client / account). In nutshell, to other entrepreneurs, my words will be:

a) Try to ‘Build In House Intelligence’ because taking credit and benefit after long is just like late night piece of cake.

b) What helps to build you, simply require your loyalty and benefits as well! Focus on team player empowering. You need to play parallel as a player with your colleagues not as a boss. Anyways, I’m not Hitler!

c) At the end of the day, weight of your pocket does matter! So, deliberately focus on ROI.

d) Set high bars of entrance for employees and be vigilant during the course.

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