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7 Things to consider when hiring a web development company

You think that your business needs a web solution and so you want to hire a software development company. But wait a minute, is it that easy? Can any company do the work? What should you consider as good quality work?

7 Things to consider when hiring a web development company

Thursday July 20, 2017,

6 min Read

When you realize that your business needs a website or mobile application, it’s time to hire one of the many web development companies around today. It may sound easy since a quick internet search will provide you with thousands of companies offering such services.

But, wait a minute, is it really that easy? Can just any company do the work, and do it well? How do you know you will receive quality work? How much should you pay and how long will the development process take? These are questions, among many others, that need to be answered before you make your decision.


1.Know What You Want

Web development is more than having an address signifying your name and business. It is more than displaying the services you offer and leaving contact information for potential clients to get in touch. Web development involves building a unique interface that links the customer to your products and entices them to work with you. The corporate platform should provide a convenient and clear way for the customer to buy your goods or order your services.

To understand exactly what you need, begin by evaluating your business process and structure. Consider the products on offer and your target clientele. With this in mind, order a web solution that simplifies the interaction with your clients. The end result should make it easier for you and your team to receive orders, process, send and track the progress of each request. This means a customer facing platform that is user-friendly and a backend solution that is functional for your business.

2.At What Cost?

Different developers will provide a wide range of price quotes for the exact same job. Many business make the mistake of simply choosing the lowest figure. However, the old adage that “cheap is expensive” also applies directly to software development. When you want to hire a web development team, focus less on the price and more on getting the features you desire. Crucial elements like a quality of the website or web product, the quantity or features and delivery timeline will be affected by a low bidding company. A company with expertise that has invested in appropriate tools will only commit time and resources where the returns are commensurate.

Be prepared to pay the proper amount for a quality product. Seek quotations from different developers and compare their prices based on the features offered. Consider the quality of customer care, availability of support services and the standing or reputation of a developer in the industry. Never sacrifice quality because of money as it will quickly kill your e-commerce dreams.

3. Get Ready for Open Communication

An expertly designed web solution does not come ready made like a shirt or a pizza. It requires extensive consultation between the developer and the owner. During planning, a room must be provided for continuous dialogue so that every stage of development is discussed and the final product is pleasing to both the owner and the developer. Clear communication allows you to adjust your demands and expectations based on the outcome of the development process. Without communication, the developer will not deliver the product you desire or it might lead to unnecessary revisions that will delay the launch on they do deliver.

4. Respect the Process of Development

When you employ a professional software development company, you must have understood that the development process takes time. As such, negotiate and allow the developer to take their time, use the necessary resources, constantly contact you for input and ask whenever they have a question. The developer needs a freedom to concentrate and creatively come up with a quality product. Failure to recognize this will only lead to unnecessary conflict.

Deliver the essential resources such as company literature, desired structures, format suggestions and more from the start, so that they have everything they need to work right away. Allow the developer reasonable time to complete the work without questioning them on the timeline. Hurrying the company to meet an unrealistic deadline will only affect the quality of the work as the website may be delivered without testing, leading to serious errors or glitches once it is life.

5. Get the Source Files at the End of the Project

Source files are the raw materials used by a developer in creating a software product. Without these files, it will be impossible to scale your website or edit important pieces in the future. This limits you to a single developer going forward, which could have serious consequences for your business. To maintain control over the web product into the future, demand the source files and store them safely in your office.

6. Web Development is a Partnership

In software development, it takes two to sides to create something great. A well-made website or app requires the input of both the owner and developer. The fact that you hire web developer contractor and have paid a hefty sum does not mean that you will simply get a finished product without any work, as you must provide the information, suggestions, and resources required. While the developer does the technical bit of coding, you will provide directions from one step or level to the other.

The need for partnership is the reason that communication is so important. The developer will require you to view the raw product before too many features have been added. You will also be required to test the site or integrate it partly before the final product is rolled out. It is necessary for you to provide access to vital details about your business structure and operations to ease the process of development.

Without cooperation, the web development process will never yield the exact product that you want.

7. Ask For References

Web developers, like many other independent contractors, always want to secure the job by promising everything the client asks for. To ascertain the quality of product or services of the company, it is advisable to read reviews or contact a previous client to determine if their experience was a positive one.

The quality of web developer you hire will determine the value of the product you get. Always looking for experienced teams who have consistently produced functional e-commerce solutions for a variety of clients. You will get the most skilled, up to date and experienced developers.

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