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Features of Interior Decoration That Make Everyone Love It

Features of Interior Decoration That Make Everyone Love It

Friday August 02, 2019,

5 min Read

If you ask someone about designing their ideal interior, you are sure to get a multitude of answers. As everyone has their own unique taste, they can rightfully design their interior how they see fit as an extension of their personality. Although that is completely valid if the person designing the interior is also going to be the one living in it, it can become a challenge for a designer going in blind. With everyone having wildly different tastes and choices, it is hard to design a room that will appeal to a broad audience. However, after studying the similarities found in current decoration trends, the following features are the most sought after and are great additions to any residence. 

Features of Interior Decoration That Make Everyone Love It

Open spaces

Ask anyone working in a small cubicle or office about what they want the most, and you are likely to hear "more space". Although staying in a smaller area does provide a feeling of comfort and warmth, modern urban designs revolve around meticulously using space for maximum efficiency. To counter that, houses are being increasingly built as one connected unit. You have the living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms being combined into one unitary space. This allows all rooms to enjoy a more open atmosphere while also allowing designers to follow a central theme and decorate the space more evenly.  

Appropriate lighting

During the day, lighting isn’t much of an issue, particularly in houses having large, open windows. As the human body feels the most comfortable in natural sunlight, the inclusions of skylights and bow windows allow for an ample amount of light to enter the house during the day. At night though, things are a little different. Traditionally, the use of incandescent light bulbs is starting to look quite dated. With just how inexpensive LED technology is now, it would be a shame not to use it. Modern houses often come equipped with dimmable, smart LED lighting, which allows for greater control to the illumination of a room. There are also RGB options for a greater range of colors as well.

Subtle design

Perhaps the primary difference between classical and modern architecture is the subtlety in their looks. The classical design relied heavily on establishing a bold image, with the usual ways being swooping curves and striking patterns. Now though, that approach is best left for the history books. A vast majority of people love understated, muted designs that are lighter on the eyes. This also makes it easier to look at daily and not get bored. A house designed with subtlety in mind not only looks great but is also timeless. This gives the interior a universal appeal that can be adapted to suit any style.

Natural ventilation

In places that tend to have a lot of wind, it might seem reasonable to block outside air from getting in. Although, for areas suffering from dry and hot weather, it might be more reasonable to rely on natural ventilation. Most modern interiors have open spaces, which are illuminated naturally using large windows and openings. These can be opened to let in fresh air to promote air circulation. An amazing way of making this possible is to incorporate large windows and place vents strategically for maximum airflow.

Comfortable furniture

Unlike public spaces where the furniture is designed to cater to a greater number of people, interior furnishing needs to be designed in a way that emphasizes on comfort. Many would agree that there is nothing more annoying than sitting on a stiff, hard chair while waiting at an office. That shouldn’t be the case at home, particularly as homes should be places of maximum relief. When at the furniture store, there is nothing wrong with trying out the different furniture options they have available to find the one that suits your taste.

Interior Proportions

Although over sized furniture can add a new level of aesthetics to a room, it has the power to completely ruin the looks at the same time too. The additions made to a room need to be done so while paying attention to how they work with each other. The size of furniture also needs to be comparable with the features of a room, such as windows, doors and room dimensions. To this end, it might be advantageous to go for an interior designer, as their analysis would make it easier to design a balanced interior. Just as how you would look for the best dissertation help UK if you had an upcoming paper, an interior designing professional would be more than happy to build you an interior that satisfies you completely.


Decorations that look good and serve a practical purpose are the most important features of any interior. Many interiors can be seen with many decorative elements strewn about the room, which serve no practical purpose whatsoever. These elements need to be avoided at all costs unless money is not an issue. Although art pieces are an exception, interior elements such as lighting fixtures, furniture and appliances need to both look good and work exactly as per their specifications. There is also the integration of electronics with furniture, such as lamps with wireless charging functionality, and coffee tables with integrated USB charging ports. Either way, this greatly raises the level of practical interior design and gives a much better deal for their price.

Environment Friendliness

A good way to create a lovely interior is to incorporate Eco-friendly design elements. Unlike materials such as metals and glass, the use of wood and paper, akin to Japanese architecture, resulting in a sleeker, more responsible interior. Like traditional lampshades and curtains were made of recyclable materials, using rattan furniture also yields the same result. Although it might appear difficult to adapt natural materials in modern designs, it can be done so if the colors are just right. Using white or black rattan furniture in combination with glass and metallic elements is great option to get the best of both worlds.