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Feeling Fatigued? Here are 7 Tips to Avoid Burnout as Startup Founder

If you feel drained due to an overwhelming list of tasks in your startup, follow these seven tips to relax.

Feeling Fatigued? Here are 7 Tips to Avoid Burnout as Startup Founder

Monday March 02, 2020,

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Do you dream of going to the good old days, when you were all zingy? If yes, chances are that you’re feeling burnt out. And to take your startup venture towards success, you need to get out of that phase soon. How?


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Well, instead of taking care of several jobs at once, take care of yourself and focus on what’s important for your startup.

Here are seven tips to help.

1- Prioritize Your Work a Day Before

The first step towards preventing burnouts is to plan and create a prioritized, to-do list. Do it the night before so that you can set the wheels in motion right from the time you get out of bed. Instead of thinking about the pending tasks early in the morning, you can get things done and keep the stress at bay.

Before going to bed, outline the list of things you have to do the coming day, and then create a schedule.

Don’t forget to have some buffer time to deal with unexpected tasks that might crop up.

2- Know Your Limit and Delegate

Persistently pushing yourself out of the comfort zone, trying to handle everything and micro-manage all aspects of the startup often lead you towards burnout.

So, apart from prioritizing your day-to-day tasks, also know your limits. Going beyond it can have a serious impact on your health.

Identify the core functions which you should manage, and delegate the others tasks to your team. You can even hire freelancers to take care of tasks like marketing and accounting.

3- Workout Daily

Active participation in sports, daily runs and workouts help in releasing stress. No, you need not hit the gym or sweat for hours. You can choose to walk up and down the stairs, do some push ups regularly or devote some time on a treadmill.

Even a little exercise in an undisturbed corner of your home will do the job. You’ll find yourself refueled to handle your business.

So, pick a physical activity that you enjoy, and set separate time for it, either in the morning, evening or even during the afternoons in the office.

4- Take Small Breaks

By taking small breaks in between complex tasks, you can get more done without suffering from a burnout. Those small breaks allow your brain to recharge itself.

Instead of staring at the screen for hours, leave your desk at regular intervals. Go for a 10-minute walk, get a glass of water or have some coffee during the break.

And when you return to your work-space, you’ll find a new perspective to handle the Herculean tasks.

However, remember not to take a break when you’re in the middle of a job. Complete it and take a pause before taking up the next one in the queue.

5- Practice Meditation

Daily meditation can help you be more productive at work. Whether you meditate in the morning before gearing up for your office or do it in the evening to let out the day’s stress, it’s beneficial. But you should practice meditation daily.

Take some deep breaths and let go. You can even schedule your meditation sessions during a chaotic noon at work. Turn off your devices, close your eyes and concentrate on the distant sounds of rustling leaves and flowing rivers.

6- Follow a Hobby to Unplug

Getting a hobby that helps you unplug from the stressful situations at your startup is yet another step towards staying away from burnouts. Indulging in a playful hobby has a soothing effect on the mind

and thus, on your body.

Whether you go for a game of pool or pick a brush to paint landscapes in the evening, it freshens you up from the wear and tear of the daily hustle. You can even choose to tend your garden on the weekends or go fishing in the river.

Have one hobby to look forward to, to help you disconnect from work for a while.

7- Go for a Vacation to Change Your Environment

Taking small breaks and being active with a hobby is great to check stress, but nothing can compete with the revival a vacation brings.

It might feel like a waste of time to go on a vacation when you’re working day and night to set up your empire. But a change in the environment can increase your efficiency in marching towards your goals.

Even if you don’t go on a week-long sabbatical, take a weekend trip once in a while. It can be with friends, family or teammates.

A few final words…

Your life as a startup founder will never be easy. But you’re a human and you need rest to maintain your sanity and prevent burnouts. Following the above-tips will certainly help you relax.

What about you? Do you want to share any other practical tip to unwind? Please leave it in the comment section. I'd love to know about it.

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