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Space Mission India

Starting Moon City Mission 2020 from India in 2017 Jan

Space Mission India

Friday December 30, 2016,

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We would like to take this opportunity to give details of our Talent Hunt Competition.

We planning a Talent Hunt Competition in May 2018 with the objective of identifying talented children aged between 6 and 14 years of age. The competition will be the first step in launching RACE Innovation School at Hiranandani Estate in Thane in 2019. The school will be at the core of our mission “Change India Now”, for which we shall be building a team of 1500 scientists from different parts of the world to support the mission.

As a registered NGO, we are entitled to get a 125% tax exemption for Research and Development. The planned school is the representation of the true Gurukul Education from Ancient India and through our volunteering at Vipassana Meditation Centre at Igatpuri, the founders of the school have imbibed the true spirit of running a school that approaches the development of a child in a holistic manner.

At present we develop tutorials with personalised learning for Dyslexic kids to help them transform into "Power Kids".

Our objective is to transform India into a super power by using design thinking to for optimal utilisation of resources in our country. The consultants who work with us include former scientists from premier R & D organisation and specialist Educators from various fields and countries who support the cause of “Change India Now “

We inculcate the mind-sets of an Einstein or a Newton in the kids in the 6 to 18 years age group, and treat them as diamonds that are being polished for higher value through trainings on Innovation and Invention.

Just like the IITs, we have planned the Talent Hunt Competition to be conducted Pan India in 1000 cities to get 10,000 Kids on-board for the RACE program.

As a part of our program, we are in the process of identifying 15,000 innovative Engineers for the Talent Hunt Competition by May 2017.

There is a 10 months’ RACE Training Programs in all 15000 location in schools, preschools and complexes & tutorials by June 2017

The final round of "Lets RACE for Innovation" Talent Hunt competition will be held between June 2018 and June 2019.

The school is expected to be functional in June 2019.

We have s proof of concept of 120 scientific kids to start immediately in 2017 June for process testing (Age 6 to 14 years)

The school will start with similar talent hunt in other countries next year to hire the most brilliant kids for our Moon City Mission 2020.

We will be starting an aerospace city in Igatpuri spread across 1000 acres in 2019-2020. For this purpose, we are in the process of identifying reputed high quality construction developers for our mission such as TATA, Hiranandani, Neelkanth, etc.