5 Best Audio Books to Listen During the Quarantine

5 Best Audio Books to Listen During the Quarantine

Monday April 13, 2020,

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Best Audiobooks

Bored this quarantine and finding out ways to utilize your time? Once you have spent a lot of your time binging Netflix and checking out Instagram for almost 100 times, now you can get to business.

There are so many best audiobooks available online, and you can choose the ones which really interest you. Audiobooks can be your next best friend in this quarantine.

The best part of these books is that they are narrated by celebrities themselves, but it can turn out to be a great pastime for those who have attention to detail.

Some of the Best audiobooks are available for free online which you can access any time of the day.

The best part about these audible books is it's very calm to hear, and one can listen to it even when they are cooking or cleaning their houses.

5 Best Audio Books to Listen During the Quarantine

  • The Mirror and Light by Hilary Mantel

The third and final installment of Wolf Hall Trilogy named the Mirror, and the Light presents blacksmith's son in Putney, who goes to become King Henry VIII's, right-hand man. The opening scene is really unique and interesting.

The entire audiobook is around 11 hours and 39 minutes divided into 30 chapters. Hilary Mantel's historical fiction has received great acclamation, and it is one sort of a masterpiece.

  • The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

What is better than going back in time while relaxing at home and reading the all-time classics- the entire Harry Potter Series. It can turn out to be a healthy dose of remembering the past and going into a sense of nostalgia.

These books have the power to transport you to the dark powers and secrets of the Hogwarts castle. The mysterious alleys and stories of best friends linked to this famous series can make you fall in love with the series once again.

  • Mythos- The Greek Mythos by Stephen Fry

A classic tale of fiction and wonder, Stephen Fry provides a spine-chilling Greek Mythological tale of the 21st century with a witty side to it. You won’t be disappointed at all by this audiobook.

It is one of the best audible books present in the market. It has fascinating stories starting from Zeus to Athena and everything that goes on along with the commentary from Stephen Fry.

  • The Body by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is as amazing as he has always been, where he tells about the human body in a very fun way. He takes through the functions of the human body and how it can be healed remarkably.

In the present times of global health crises, when people are doubting their own bodies, this audiobook comes to the rescue. It is an anecdote to the fear and provides a sense of independence and freedom to people.

  • This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

Adam Kay, a renowned junior doctor, turned into a comedian, this audiobook can be said as the diary of life on frontlines with NHS which is related to chaos and compassion of it. This is quite a heartbreaking and hilarious first account story of the doctor on and off the hospital.

It is about the hardships of health professionals and what they have to go through daily. Many of their difficulties are not known to the general public.

Final Words

These are some of the best audible books that are present in the market. It all depends on what you want to read. Read what attracts you the most. Quarantine is all about family time, so do not waste it reading anything that you don’t like. Stay home this quarantine, and enjoy with audiobooks!