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5 Best Ecommerce Platforms to Start Online Business in India

5 Best Ecommerce Platforms to Start Online Business in India

Sunday January 12, 2020,

4 min Read


With so many developments in technology and making it easier for people to get connected everywhere and anywhere the market of eCommerce is going very prosperously. People are getting aware of how they can do business by sitting at home or maybe how to promote their business online.

Earlier it was considered as one of the hardest tasks to bring your business online and doing all the technical designing stuff but with time now there are several such websites which help you to build your eCommerce platform without the help of any designer. 

Yes, you heard it right there are many such online platforms which guides you as well as helps you in a neat a proper way to build the eCommerce platform you ever wished for or might have thought of, but the big question that arises is on which websites you can rely on regarding this.

So below listed are the top 5 best eCommerce platform for small businesses you can go with:

  • Shoppiko: This website focuses on providing its customers with easy use of the platform to design the platform their customer wants or imagines about. They believe in simplifying all the complicated stuff and make things work for you. The concept this website uses is helping their clients to select from a varied range of options and finally giving them a platform that is more of user-friendly and easily accessible.

Not only this you can always ask for help from professionals available on this website which makes it more easy for the client to engage his or her imagination of eCommerce site into one frame without any hustle or confusion. They have nearly 10,000+ eCommerce platforms that are running successfully all over the world. 

  • Shopify: This is the second name that comes in mind when we are talking about eCommerce platform building. It gives you accessibility to a large number of Add Ons as well a vivid range of templates to select from. Also helps you to make your platform SEO friendly which helps your website to outreach a large number of audiences.

The only thing that bothers is that as they provide you vivid opportunity they charge you quite extra for everything as well. So if one can afford the extra charges then Shopify helps you to get a great range of options to select from for your Ecommerce websites. 

  • Zepo: This is a Mumbai based Ecommerce building website and is in this field for 9 years now. Zepo gives you a variety of payment gateway options as well as provide you with extra services like courier or logistics with an eCommerce website. They have an easy and durable interface which can help any newbie to easily build a website of their choice.

The only negative aspect is though they provide you additional service with website building though they have limited design, templates and other options that you can select from, Thus if you are ok with limited options and is looking of extra services in delivering then this is the right website for you. 

  • Wix: It is also one of the popular website building websites very much popular in India as well as outside also. They have over 2000+ eCommerce live websites running successfully and 8% of them is from India.

This website gives you hundreds of template options to select from and also give you the advantage to design the company logo. Not only this it has hosting options as well that enables you to increase your outreach to the people and spread your business more with time. The payment of membership plans may be quite high in India as well as payment logistic option might be limited. 

  • StoreHippo: This website is new in the market and has launched itself in recent years now. They have the Progressive Web App version for the eCommerce store which helps any brand to use the latest technology available. As well as it provides you with a simplified user interface that enables you to work more efficiently.

Apart from this, they support you with many international and domestic gateway logistics and integration options. The only thing that may give you a second thought to select them is that they have a limited number of plug-in and may not support Shopify and other sites. 

Wrapping Up

These are the five best eCommerce building platforms in India which you can select as per your usability.