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Five Essentials Tips for Building a Marketing Team

Five Essentials Tips for Building a Marketing Team

Monday February 18, 2019,

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Five Essentials Tips for Building a Marketing Team

Building a marketing team is a tough proposition; especially, if you are running a start-up or small-scale business. And an organization success or failure highly depends on the people on your side. 

A productive digital marketing team must have the following five roles to hit the bull’s eye. These are precisely like the five fingers of your hand. The shortage of even one finger matters the most. 

In this blog post, I am going to outline the must-have roles in your team elucidated with their expertise and functionalities.

So, ready to share a ride with me?

Marketing Team Leader: 

“A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

As simple as that. Hence, you need someone who strives to go for the extra mile, someone who can wear multiple hats at times, and someone who loves to get their hands dirty. (s)he should be ready to deal with multiple things and invest more time in bringing the best tricks and tactics on the board. The person has to breathe with passion and exuberance and inspire the fellow members to brace for any kind of obstacle. 

Also, this person has to engage with all the team. He/she should be smart enough in automating the repetitive tasks as much as possible since the team lead has to be the one who should help others improving lives effectively in every possible way.

In this contemporary world, (s)he can make use of the available platforms in reducing human errors and giving space to breathe.

Collaboration tools like SlackFlockTroop Messenger

Analytics tools like Google Analytics and MixPanel

Designing tools like Canva and PicMonkey

certainly, reduce the workload in one way or the other. So do not think twice to dig more. You can make use of your LinkedIn connections and ask for any referrals in your friends' circle to get the potential candidate. 

After all, leadership or leader is not about the designation but the impact and influence they could create. For that reason, do your homework with appropriate research. 

The One with Magnifier: 

Let us admit it. Google - a search engine is still the leading light. Regardless of the business, you are into, Search Engine Optimization is the essential step in your marketing game. 

According to the statistics, “On an average, Google is processing more than 40,000 search queries every second.”

Let me elaborate you why this position is substantial. I am not sure where I have read this but it goes like this “you can stay chill if you place the dead body in the second page of Google Search Results. 

No one can track down.” You see, the same thing happens to your business.

Therefore, you need the one who is keen to search algorithms and up-to-date of updates to implement the right step. 

Search is a preeminent attribute you certainly have to pay more attention in order to obtain the potential customers. 

Just like how an SEO analyst must act smart, your search to find the proper candidate should also be smart enough. Go for the applicant who already has an experience working in any SEO or digital marketing agency to work on the project from the day -1. You can find this dude in many job portals such as Collaboration

Additionally, he/she can handle the social media marketing and be a voice to your online presence and give rise to the buzz around your industry. 

The One with Words:

All your marketing strategies and maneuvers do not work if you do not have someone who presents you the quality content.

Although many people debate that engagement is the driving force, in this digitally connected world; I personally believe that content is the King and it is the driving force but engagement is the Queen. 

A lady might rule the house alone, but the rest? Both must have to go hand-in-hand for the unbeatable outcome.

Make certain that the writer has the ability to deliver quality content since the world already has much useless stuff already. 

Regardless of the content type you want to be implemented, it has to be written. Isn’t it?

Let it be the blog, press release, web content, sales-copy, advertisement, brochure, or social media posts. Try your best in finding the diversified content writer that can manage all your content operations. 

A proper writer knows that you have only a few seconds of time in hypnotizing the reader’s mind and he/she knows how to do that.

Look for them. They are out there. There are many content creators that can produce content from articles to YouTube videos. While you interview the applicants, go through their profiles in social media sites, previously published articles, and ask for a sample blog that is related to your niche. That’s it!

One Indulged in the Web: 

This is one of the incredibly useful resources in your team. This is the facet of your company. Your website notifies the end users who you are and what you do. No visitor turns out to be your customer unless and until he visits your website. I would say that this should be your prime investment.

They will be responsible for design and development. If that someone is a hybrid developer and designer, you are all set-to-go. This person will absolutely ensure you the growth. 

The One with Magic Wand: 

Creating compelling designs is not just another thing. They represent your brand and assist your audience in understanding more about your businesses and services. Graphic designers can create spectacular infographics, social media posts, and catchy ad copies.

Yes, you have the possibility to make use of high-quality pictures in sites like Unsplash. But it results in copyright issues and many more. So, if you want personalized elements, you must have a professional graphic designer.

If the work is for a thing or two, you can outsource work to a freelancer. But it is better to have one in-house to get the things done based on your expectations and ideas. You should scrutinize them just like how you do for a content writer. Because both work with the same motto, just the process is different.

The marketing team is one of the strongest and impactful weapons in any kind of start-up arsenal. To nurture it to become a tremendous organization, these roles certainly add value in creating a brilliant dish. Marketing is more like an amalgamation of art and science. They are like the two sides of the same coin and a coin is not worth with a single side. Does it?

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