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5 Fiction Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

5 Fiction Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Thursday February 20, 2020,

4 min Read

Real Fiction Books for Entrepreneurs

With plenty of books from different genres being published each day no doubt that book lovers have got a plethora of books to make the choice. But when it comes to starting your own business and if you think that only the right source of motivation for you could be through books, and then probably you must search down for some great fictional books. Every Entrepreneur who is looking forward to expanding or start its new business would love to get some of the great expert tips, lessons, and ideas on how thriving small business can be reached out to a mass audience without getting much of the setback.

We all can write on How To Business” book, but what matters the most is to have a story that shall engage the readers and will give them a learning light for business and expanding the enterprise. This is not an easy challenge. But listed are some of the best authors and their books that have managed to offer this rarest combination to the readers with regards to entrepreneurship and entertainment too.

  • Sedduccion: Cheryl Ness is a well-known author who has set a remarkable position in the publishing industry today. She not just is a writer but also has a great background in literature, psychology, and instructional design. The author just knew what could be the possible points for which the entrepreneur is still struggling. There are most of her Spanish and French language novels that mostly have highlighted the manipulation in film and literary critique. Recently her release on the book manifestation in the Spanish language was highly appraised by the people. Sedduccion is all about how playing with a word can influence the outcome in people's mind and how the use the hidden techniques in film and literature can prove to be beneficial for them

  • Good to Great: Written and published by Jim Collins, Good to Great is quite an inspirational book that you might want to have a look at. It is quite trending in the market and the author has targeted the right punches. Right from how the company should be enduring while seeing other failures or even some of the things to be infused n the ethos of the company for creating a strong impact are few things that you can learn. Jim Collins, simply have not just written this book but has research quite a lot. He has studied more than 28 different books and has poured over the data and all those interviews that have highlighted the failure and success too.

  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Robert M. Pirsig is a well-known author who first published his book in the year 1974. It is all a fictionalized autobiography with Pirsig's texts that only focuses on the Metaphysics of Quality. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance have earned popularity because of many reasons. It was also said to be chosen by many entrepreneurs since there is quite a philosophy with regards to the business that has been explored. The characters mentioned in the book show the quality, particular knowledge need and many other things. It convinces the reader on more of the abstract ideas

  • The Lemonade War: Jacqueline Davies knows the week points of the entrepreneurs and in her book, At Lemonade Day you can see some of the magnificent writings that clearly show where we are lacking. Another book has the detailing of success and trials that siblings are competition right after they start their lemonade stand. The event has got some comic timings rightly made with contains interesting information on aspects to run a successful business such as marketing.

  • King Rat: Last but not least is James Clavell’s ‘King Rat’. It is believed that the author has written this book from his own experience that incurred during World War Two. This book has some of the finest details about the soldiers from different countries be it Australia, America or Britain who contributed to the Japanese prisoner of war camp. The book highlights the teamwork importance that is needed even in the most extreme environments. There are some of the most amazing characters you may find in this compelling drama that even to date matches the office pattern of today’s time.

Final Words

So embrace yourself and get these books today to learn some of the best things.