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5 SEO Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Website for 2020

If you want to make the most of your online visibility and take your business to new heights of success, search engine optimization can be the real game changer for you in 2020. Learn 5 tricks to ace the SEO game and achieve your business goals.

5 SEO Tips and Tricks to Prepare Your Website for 2020

Monday December 30, 2019,

6 min Read

With every passing year, brands have greater aspirations for their business growth. And so are their doubts regarding how to boost their search engine ranking- the foundation on which they will build their castle of success in 2020.

Whether you are an online retailer trying to maximize the online visibility of your products or a service provider looking to expand your umbrella of services to more people, your target audience is your crowned king and the focus of all your activities. To bridge the gap between what you offer and what users are looking for, search engines are evolving.An easy way to stay at par with the continuous changes is to seek help from an experienced SEO agency.                             

In this post, we’ll run through the search engine optimization techniques that you need to cater to become a favouriteof search engines in 2020.

1.     Optimize for User Intent

With Google’s BERT update, the search engine rhetoric for optimizing for audience intent and not blindly for keywords will get manifested in more noticeable ways. In 2020, brands will have to create streamlined content for users.

Optimize for User Intent Google’s BERT update

For instance, heedlessly infusing exact-match keywords won’t be of any help. Infact, if you focus too much on stuffing the same set of keywords over and over again without creating significant value for your target audience, you would lose out on the golden opportunity of engaging your users.

NLP has led to a significant shift in the way search engines perceive content. With this, brands that don’t update their practices to provide solutions to users’ problems would get outperformed by their competitors.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Understanding it in the simplest way, natural language processing (NLP) is a sub-division of artificial intelligence (AI) that derives meaning from a human conversation to take a decision based on the information.

It refers to technology becoming ‘smarter’to understand what users are looking for precisely. Whether it is your smart assistant obediently following all your commands or the autosuggest feature in your emails, natural language processing forms the foundation of all of it. It empowers the technology to understand your language and process your commands as per your intent- in a natural way.

2.     Write Effective Content in 2020

With search engine algorithms undergoing frequent changes to provide searchers all that they are looking for, SEO is broadening its scope to include different formats of content. A typical example of this would be a search engine result page (SERP) showing a blend of videos, text and images.

Write Effective Content in 2020

Several surveys have pointed out the shift of customer preferences towards video content. However, not many brands have tapped the immense potential of video SEO to date. If you emerge as a pioneer in your industry, you’ll get a chance to get noticed by your target audience much earlier than you would by merely using text and image content.

A great example of this would be Neil Patel whose words are like gospel in the search engine industry. From a couple of months, he has transformed his content creation strategy by putting forth his expertise in the form of videos. It significantly helps him to cut the clutter.

All the types of content have their own importance. By now you might be well-aware of which type of content works the best for your audience.  However, as a matter of fact, videos have a huge potential. Start integrating videos on your website to make sure that you stand out in your niche. You can seek help from a conversion rate optimization expert to use your videos to your best advantage.

3.      Create Engaging Podcasts in 2020

Another way to establish yourself as an authoritative name in your niche and get noticed by search engines in 2020 is by creating high-quality podcasts.

If you are a beginner without any idea of how to tap the potential of this medium, interviewing an established name in your industry would be a great move in terms of search engine optimization. Besides using the podcast on your website, a well-formulated social media strategy integrating it will bring people flooding in. Even if it looks like something that will require considerable hard work at your end, mind you,it is worth the investment.

Create Engaging Podcasts in 2020

Remember that an association with a credible name in your niche will not only attract your prospective audience but help you reap the immense popularity of the renowned person you connect with.

4.     Build Brand Authority in 2020

Brands have become smart and realized the importance of creating quality content to engage their audience. Intent-based content would be a great start for prepping your search engine game for 2020. However, to have an edge in your industry you need to win the trust of your target audience even before they click on your website. Getting ratings and reviews from people who have availed your services would be a great way to do this.           

Build Brand Authority in 2020

Search engine rankings play a significant role in affecting your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) clickability. When you combine your brand’s authority with a good search engine ranking, the combination would take your business to new heights of success in 2020. Besides continuously improving the quality of your services, you should indulge in online reputation management (ORM) to optimize your website for search engines in 2020.

5.     Focus on Technical SEO in 2020

Quite often, the discussion on SEO revolves around creating quality content and marketing it. However, this is not all. You might have often wondered how to optimize your website for technical SEO in 2020. In the coming year, search engines will lay even more emphasis on your website’s speed. Additionally, you need to make sure that your website has an XML sitemap, proper schema markup, apt URL structure, and is responsive as a mandate.

Focus on Technical SEO in 2020

To make sure that you tap the most of your online presence, ensure that your website is optimized for technical SEO.


In 2020, quality content will still remain the foundation on which search engines function. However, you should focus on creating new digital assets. Longer formats like eBooks and industry research will help you cut the clutter and emerge as a credible name in your niche.

Also, align your SEO efforts with your online reputation to become an audience favourite and significantly shoot your search engine rankings.

It will not only prove fruitful in bringing in a horde of quality traffic but also help in creating greater intrinsic value for your business.