8 mistakes while choosing a web development company

    4th Jun 2019
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    Internet usage has grown to a larger extent as compared to the last decade. And it is still growing at a good pace. Web development is among trending ways of doing the business compared to the methods used in the past.

    This could be one of the main causes behind why businesses prefer hiring a web development company in India for creating their business website. A website helps a business to enhance its brand value and can come out to be the most prominent medium to make money.

    In order to make a business website work successfully, it is must to have all the crucial elements for creating a professional looking website. A survey performed by BlueCorona.com shows that 48% of people declared website design as one of the factors that decide the business’s credibility.

    website development companies

    Moreover, you have a short duration of around 10 seconds in which you need to tell your user what they will get at your website. To make your business successful, you must look at all the important elements or you can look for a software development company that will help you at every stage of website development.

    Here, in this blog, we would like to mention the Top 10 Mistakes to avoid while choosing a mobile app development company in India. There are numerous companies in India that outsource software to clients sitting across the world. However, you should have a look at some of the mistakes that must be avoided while choosing them to work on your business website.

    Hiring companies that work for outdated technology

    At the time of hiring a software firm in India, businesses should have a deep look at these companies whether they are working on outdated technology. For instance, suppose there is a new update released for PHP and the company you are looking to hire is working on the older version of PHP. Here, you should not go with this company as it is still working on the outdated version of PHP.

    web development comapny

    Nowadays, technology is changing at a faster pace. And it can be a hurdle in front of the smooth functioning of a website. Furthermore, Businesses should hire companies that are aware of the latest technologies and trends.


    Hence, businesses should hire a company that offers the right solutions for your website.

    Hiring firm that directly starts from Coding

    Several companies say that they can provide a stunning looking website by mere focusing on coding. In such cases, you should avoid hiring such companies. Also, a website needs the analysis and understanding of the target audience of the business.

    website development comapnies

    Without analyzing about target customers, creating a website has no point. Therefore, at the time of hiring a company, businesses should make sure that they are hiring a company that works in a systematic manner and understands all the requirements properly.

    Hiring a firm that lacks expertise in your domain

    It can be thought of as one of the big mistakes that businesses do while hiring a company. Even after having a lot of knowledge about website and website design creation, they should have knowledge about the domain for meeting the requirements of your business.

    Also, a company having no knowledge and experience in that domain can put a negative impact on your business. In order to avoid this mistake, businesses should perform complete market research and then reach a suitable company.

    Hiring a firm on the basis of lower price rates

    You can see a lot of examples where many businesses hire software development solutions firms that quote lower prices. It is another big mistake made by businesses. It is quite true that businesses want to save money but lower price rates may come with low quality work.

    Hence, in such cases, businesses need to be smart enough and should not think only about lower price rates. Furthermore, the price of a firm should not be the only major factor to decide while hiring a software development firm.

    Hiring a web development company which is not aware of the Technical SEO

    The major objective of any business is to reach potential customers. And for this, they require hiring a technical SEO who can perform search engine optimization to list your website on the top of search engine results.

    Many of the times, businesses hire those firms which are not aware of the SEO. In such cases, businesses should not hire these companies. Ultimately, a company that does not have knowledge about SEO cannot help you in reaching your potential customers through your website.

    The main cause behind SEO is that it optimizes your website according to the Google PageRank algorithm.


    Not Hiring firms by Consulting Technical Experts

    Prior to initiating the process of hiring a company, a business should hire technical experts who can tell them about which companies they can hire. Moreover, they can help in creating the list of web development agencies on the basis of which technology will create a business website for them.

    Hiring web development companies that work on only one Technology

    There are several businesses that don't like using only one technology for website development technology. In this situation, businesses should hire those website development firms who can work on multiple technologies.

    Not performing proper credential verification

    Businesses should never hire a company before looking at their credentials properly. Furthermore, these businesses should take a deep look at the previous work history of the company. It is quite important to check which web applications or websites it has produced in the past. Also, the business should check the time of delivery of the product by these companies.

    Final words

    Businesses require doing deep research prior to hiring any company in India. There are numerous companies present in the market. Businesses need to ensure that they avoid these mistakes and then select the appropriate software development company.

    Furthermore, businesses need to consider all other factors such as company ratings at prominent platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms. Also, they need to check the demo of previous work done by these companies.

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