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5 Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

Utilise your free time during the lockdown

5 Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

Monday May 25, 2020,

6 min Read

We all are fighting with one common enemy ‘COVID-19’. Our life has been stuck, and we don’t have any other choice but lock ourselves in the home.

But due to coronavirus now you have lots of free time that you either waste or invest in learning a new skill set.

People out there are losing their job and companies are cutting pay scales. And unfortunately, if you lost your job then what you’re going to do?

And, when things get back to normal, and you go out there to find a new job then:

Are you ready?

Are you prepared?

Because things are different now. Thing has changed. The world has changed.

So are you ready to take the new opportunity? Or maybe you want to go after to another job that you always wanted to do.

Whatever plan you have to after the crisis, this is the time to get prepare for that.

Today, I’m going to share with you the top 5 skills that you should learn during the lockdown.

But first…

What should be the criteria of the skills?

Before we proceed further, I want to tell one thing that the skills you are going to learn should meet these four criteria.

  • Skill set that has a quick impact on your life and career – Look for the skills can make a quick impact on your business and career. Or something that you can start right away.
  • Skill set that you can learn fast - You don’t need to invest time in learning the skills that take years to master. Instead, you should look for the program that you can learn in a month or a few weeks.
  • Skills that you can learn from home – You know you can’t go outside in this lockdown. Therefore, you should look for the skills that you can learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Skills that you can learn from your comfort – You need to look for the skills that you can learn whenever you want in your spare time. You don’t need to go for skills that require a specific time to learn.

I’d recommend you to go for the skill sets that meet these criteria and valuable to learn.

Now let’s see the skills that you can learn during the lockdown. You can pick any one of them that suits you.

Start A Blog

Number one skills that can help you make extra income is how to blog.

Blogging is now more than a hobby. In fact, bloggers like Pat Flynn, Jon Morrow are making thousands of dollars from their blog.

The beauty of starting a blog is you don’t need to learn any coding skills, and you can make a professional blog within 30 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start a blog, even a newbie who doesn’t have any idea how to blog can implement.

You can pick any area that you want to write and have an interest in it can be movies, sports, health or technology. There are tons of guides available online that can help you learn to blog for free.

However, you can start blogging for free, but if you want to make money, then you need to invest in your blog. You can start a professional blog within $100.

Learn how to code

Coder and developers always had their place. Still, after the coronavirus over there will be a huge demand for skilled developer and coder, especially who can deal with the virus.

The businesses who survive this crisis will think about to operate virtually, if they aren’t already online. Maybe they want to close their physical location and run their business on the internet.

Whatever may be the case, but demand for professional developers are going to increase after this coronavirus crisis. There are plenty of free courses available online that you can use to learn basic to intermediate coding. You may buy some online classes to learn advanced coding that you can purchase from Udemy or Coursera.

Digital Marketing

The next skill which demand will rise is a professional digital marketer.

Companies are already paying a handsome salary to a skilled digital marketer who can increase their online presence and sales.

But after this lockdown – the demand of digital marketers are going to increase massively. The reason is – companies who were running some part of their business online might consider taking a whole business online. To do that they will need a person who could set up a website, do SEO, and social media promotion, etc.

There are plenty of free and paid digital marketing guide online that you can consider learning digital marketing.

Closing a deal

If you can close a deal for the company, you are an asset.

After lockdown, businesses will try to recover the loss they had because of the coronavirus. They will look for the salesperson who can sell their product and services.

A skilled salesperson gets hefty commission because he brings business and revenue, and after this crisis, demand for an expert salesperson is going to increase.

You need to spend time to improve your communication skills so you can close a deal effectively.

Copywriting Skills

Here comes my favourite skill:


It is one of the valuable skills you need when it comes to selling anything online, whether you are working in a startup or an established brand.

Copywriting sells the product for you without your involvement. A good copywriter can put lots of money on your table in a limited time.

And the best part anyone can learn copywriting by practising even if they have never done copywriting before. Of course, you need to proofread your copy before it goes out.

A company that does any sort of advertising needs a copywriter because it’s just not a single email or page that they want to send to their audience.

If they want to stand out in this noisy world, they need someone who can write the scripts. Or they will need someone who can write a sales page for them.

These are my favourite skills that I want to you to learn during the lockdown period.

Let me know which skills you already have or maybe you want to learn one of these skills.