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5 ways to drive 10000+ traffic to your website

5 ways to drive 10000+ traffic to your website

Friday May 22, 2020,

4 min Read

A good website is an integral part of your successful business. However, just designing a beautiful website will not drive traffic towards it.

Building a good following of around 10000+ monthly visitors is a time consuming and strategic process.

Here are five ways to grow your website traffic by leaps and bounds every month. Follow them diligently, and you will never have to look back on your website traffic.

(1) Write Guest Posts regularly

Guest posting is a great way to acquire quality backlinks to your website. By guest posting on prominent blogs, you will increase your brand value as well as your brand.

Guest posting helps to increase referral traffic. If you are publishing on reputable sites, search engines give better rankings for back links acquired by them. Hence, contributing as a guest author to other sites is one of the best strategies to increase traffic to your website.

(2) Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword constitutes more than 70% of online searches. For example, instead of searching for "Mobile Phones," I'd likely search for "Mobile phones below Rs. 25000"

Organic-search traffic is the king of internet traffic, as it is long-term and sustainable.

The best approach is to optimize your website for broad keywords as well as include niche details as much as possible. You can also create blogs to answer specific questions and provide detailed information for as many long-tail keywords as possible.

Having a long tail focused blog would increase your chances of generating qualified leads for your business.

(3) Use Social Media regularly

Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Twitter can help you to drive a lot of referral traffic to your website quickly. Social signals help to boost your search engine traffic.

Organic search is a very important part of driving traffic to your website, but referral traffic is even more important.

(4) Create Content Consistently

Content is a bedrock to drive traffic to your website. There are good chances that you may have one post driving a lot number of views. However, you would need a good number of posts for increasing the daily volume of traffic to your website.

Research shows that companies who post 16 blogs per month consistently gain more traffic compared to those who don't blog or rarely blog. I am sure some of the content marketing tips would help you to get more traffic to your website.

Having a blog that is a hit and drives massive amounts of traffic is a time-consuming process.

On average, you will need around 400+ blogs to generate regular traffic to your website, which is more than a year of blogging daily.

(5) Update your existing content regularly

Even if you have regular traffic to your website, they won't last unless you are offering them updated content. You will have to refresh your content on your website regularly.

You can add new images or videos, add new data, optimize your website speed and promote your pages on social media regularly. All these activities help to retain your position on top of the search results.

If you are providing valuable information on your website, it's likely to be referred by other sources. Your visitors will share about your brand with their friends and family, and this way your brand awareness grows.


Imagine if more than 1000 people are visiting your site daily and even if you can convert 1. You will have a good business. It is much easier to multiply your customers by providing them with quality product and service offerings.

So, it is much easier to build a website than driving traffic to a website. Good traffic separates Wheat from the Chaff.

The best way to boost traffic to your website is by doing Solid SEO, Content Marketing and generating good back links to your website.

Once you get good Organic traffic, you are on your way to achieving success.

Have you started your SEO? Are you successful? How much time did it take you to get there?