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Flutter in Mobile App Development- Pros & Cons for App Owners

If you’re probing for a platform to develop an application for android and iOS, then here is an opportune moment to enlighten yourself with all new Flutter.

Flutter in Mobile App Development- Pros & Cons for App Owners

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

4 min Read

Flutter App Development

Everybody in town is now talking about Flutter  

If you’re a hardcore developer and you’re always looking for new hacks to improve your mobile application, then it’s a must for you to be aware of what Flutter is. Whether you make up your mind to use it or not, it is independent from the fact that Flutter is here to stay in the market in the long run. So it is a practical step for you to know about it for future references.

Flutter is now drawing a lot of attention from all the organizations which are based in Silicon Valley. Various technological talk shows and conferences are referring to this particular Software Developing platform. Flutter apps in Google Play have seen simultaneous increase in downloads from the beginning they first started.

What exactly is Flutter?

Google has created an open-source developing framework for mobile applications also known as Flutter. It is utilized as a developing platform of apps for Android and iOS. Flutter uses the programming languages like C, C++, Dart and Skia Graphics Engine.

The developing platforms of Flutter are:

  1. Windows
  2. MacOS
  3. Linux

What are the benefits you will reap from Flutter

  1. Google engineers have worked on the paramount segments of the engine to improve performance.
  2. Support for development on Windows.
  3. Tooling for Visual Studio and Android Studio Code.
  4. More Firebase APIs assistance.
  5. Support for charts, advertisement and inline video.
  6. Accessibility and Internationalization.
  7. The process of Documentation improved.
  8. Existing bugs are fixed.

The mystery for Flutter’s success in developing a cross between platforms

The software development kit or Flutter app development services allows you to build a two-dimensional mobile app. You can use it to generate full-featured apps as well as support for cameras, geo-location, storage, network and many more. If you want to launch impressive designs or stock platform apps, then you require a cross-platform framework like Flutter.

Flutter is now used as a developing platform for many well known online applications for daily lotteries, exclusive news and videos, trivial game, and merchandise stores. Flutter is a reputed app developing service provider for all those app owners who desire to streamline the development process.

Advantages of Flutter App Development Services:

Flutter has attained superiority in the market abruptly, because it has mesmerized a large community of developers and other app owners. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Flutter Framework for developing mobile applications.

  1. Hot Reload: The best feature of Hot Reload is that developers and designers can easily identify all the changes and improvements that they have made to the code right away in the app. This is the reason why Hot Reload enables a better collaboration between developers and designers when they want to improve how the app looks and checks effect immediately.
  2. Easily learnable: Flutter app development services uses Dart coding language due to which less codes are required for the programming. It is a fast object oriented programming language which is easy to learn.
  3. Access to Native Features: Flutter permits a reuse of your existing JAVA, Swift, and C code to access native features and SDKs on iOS and Android.
  4. Easy to Setup: Flutter does not require a powerful machine but you can start coding on any low-end machines.
  5. Widgets and more: Flutter framework provides a modern, reactive framework, and a rich set of platform, layout and foundation widgets.
  6. Widgets: Beautiful and unique designs for your widgets can be created, by using Flutter. You can also customize your widgets as per your requirement; this gives quirky and distinctive attributes which will be loved by your clients.  
  7. Design-specific widgets: Flutter’s framework contains two sets of widgets. Material Design Widgets to implement Google’s design language and Cupertino Widget to imitate Apple’s iOS design.

Disadvantages of Flutter App Development Services:

  1. Flutter only serves mobile application and isn’t supported by website browsers. Flutter is not made for maximum device flexibility.
  2. Flutter framework is new and hence its library is limited, so developers would have to build these libraries themselves, which is quite tedious.

Previously, developers had to create apps separately for Android as well as iOS devices, but now Flutter has created a bridge where developers can create ace quality of apps for both platforms simultaneously without creating errors.