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Follow Your Passion and Success will follow you!!

Follow Your Passion and Success will follow you!!

Monday January 21, 2019,

5 min Read

I have researched a lot about the reason of success. There are many factors that affect the success of your life. We can’t say that this one is more important or other one is not. There are many stories live on the internet based on the success stories of personality that will definitely inspire you. The internet is full of articles from the success stories of entrepreneurs, so I thought I would add one more interesting facts to the list.

We always do what we love to do. There are many things which we need to do but I don’t love it. This all depends on needs of a person. We feel delight when we will go in a tour with our friends, our families. We feel happy with our love one. We feel excitement when we do something very interesting. But have you ever think what do you feel when in a working life? Do you really feel happy, satisfied, or excitement?

Passion is an intangible thing. It drives from inner force to do something different and excited the things you like the most. No one can force you to do the things.

My nephew is a student of class 6th and he always makes excuses while going to school early in the morning. Started crying, become upset and do everything for not attending the school. But in the holiday he always wakes up early in the morning at 05:00AM and get ready to play football with his team. This is called passion.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” – Oprah Winfrey

I am passionate to help the students in their education that’s why I have decided to start my own business. I am also pursuing my education and also launched my websites regarding the writing service review. The website ‘’’’ based on personal experience of students. It will surely help the students and I also feel happy to serve this service.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons of why passion derives success:-

Passion generates the Ideas:-

Being passionate of something helps to generate the new ideas. Because when we love someone we always try to maintain the shines of that things and it will help to think more and more creative manner to enhance the quality. These will lead to startup the new ideas to figure out that thing. If we love to cook we always think how to add a new taste to it and how can we cook it in a different way so that everyone love it more. It will force us to read the magazines and look out the videos of cooking and many more.

Passion leads to move toward the idea generation. This will help you to make creative and innovative towards your work.

Passion Drives Motivation:-

Passion leads to love the work whatever you do. Motivation helps to do the work with full of energy.  To complete any task you must feel the responsibility and energy to start the work. Let ask one question from yourself are you really feel motivated towards your work? If yes than its good enough otherwise if it is no than you are not passionate enough. If the passion is not in your work then it makes temporary existence. To survive in a long run you have to become passionate.

Passion Drives Loyalty:-

I have started ‘’’ from last 2 years and there are many ups and down in my online business service. But I don’t want to give up. Analyze all the problems and sorted out one by one. This is called loyalty towards my work. The passion drives the same. No matters what the problem arises. You always stand up towards the work. If you are passionate enough than no one can stops you from doing the job. Like no one can stop me to reveal the truth of writing services. This will help to all the students to face the truth of services.

Passion drives achievements:-

When you will do your work with full of enthusiasm, It will surely lead to achieve something in life. No doubt it will take time but passion will help you to keep patience for that moment. There are many examples like Mr. Mukesh Ambani a great achiever in life because he is passionate enough to do innovation, Sandeep Maheshwari a speaker etc they all have inner force to do something different and struggle a lot to achieve this position in life. This will results to the great achievements in life.

When we will move towards our goal, we will achieve many things in life. But to retains it and enhance the quality we will always loyal towards our work. The loyality earn from the passion of job.

Last but not the least, Do what you love to do.


‘’Whatever you into, you have to go in there to be the best. There are no formulas. It’s all about passion, honesty and hard work. It might look glamour’s but it takes a lot of hard work. The blessing with the Arts is that you can do forever’’ . – Hugh Masekela