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How Can Food Delivery Workers Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How Can Food Delivery Workers Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Tuesday April 21, 2020,

5 min Read

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t set to move on. The pandemic has destroyed human lives, disrupting people's routines, and damage to several industries globally. Nations all around the world have imposed lockdowns to prevent massive transmission rates. People are confined to their homes. Even in this quarantine season, people demand essential services like food and grocery. However, people fear to step down the streets due to the outbreak. The panic-stricken people were waiting for a solution. On-demand apps are providing a solution to their problems. With on-demand service apps, people acquire doorstep services. This eliminates the fear of people getting out for essential services. On-demand food and grocery delivery apps are the talk of the town in recent months. 

Coronavirus Pandemic

These on-demand food and grocery delivery apps are sustaining to help the people in need. The vital lifesavers of this pandemic season are the delivery workers. Delivery workers are risking their lives to satisfy the needs of the people. If you are looking to develop an UberEats clone, you are entitled to instruct the delivery workers with these basic instructions. Let us discuss them here,

‘The everlasting impact of the coronavirus pandemic.’ 

  • Coronavirus pandemic has inflicted the world with 13 million cases. 
  • The casualty rate has also risen to almost 71,000 globally. 
  • The travel and transportation industry are the most affected. Almost 50 million people are on the verge of losing their jobs due to COVID’19. 
  • It must be noted that the travel and transportation industry alone adds to 10% of the global GDP. 
  • The global GDP is fast declining at a rate of 0.9%. It must be noted that the global GDP dropped by only 1.5% during the global economic crisis of 2009. 
  • A gentle reminder that global GDP was expected to grow by 2.5% in 2020. 
  • Experts are identifying the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is way worse than the global economic downfall in 2009. 

These impacts are everlasting. The damages can only be rectified by a mountainous effort of manpower and economy. 

‘Contactless deliveries to curb the transmission.’

Most of the restaurants have transformed into delivery outlets following nation-wide lockdowns. The pandemic gets transferred from one person to another through external physical contact. The only way to curb the transmission rate is to prevent contact with the external world. Hence, people and delivery professionals can follow contactless delivery options. People ordering food online can instruct delivery professionals to place the order at a safe place in front of their homes. In this way, no contact is made between people and delivery professionals,’ and the transmission chain is broken. 

Even if the people are unaware of this delivery option, delivery professionals can come forward and instruct the people. This way, a community spread is avoided. Social distancing is the only cure we have against the deadly menace. Food delivery apps must integrate this contactless delivery option to contain the spread of the virus. 

‘Making the workers understand the situation is worse.’

The situation is worse. People are getting affected like a wildfire. Prevention is the only weapon we have to sustain in the world. Proper awareness of delivery professionals is highly essential. This is vital to prevent the infection from spreading. Proper instructions of how the disease spreads, the dos and don'ts during delivery are to be given. It is essential because even delivery workers can act as carriers of the infections. Only proper awareness can prevent this from happening. 

Ensuring proper hygiene habits and sanitation procedures can prevent widespread infection. Delivery workers are risking their lives on the line to ensure services reach our doorsteps. Providing them with alcohol sanitizers can be greatly beneficial. Delivery professionals can wear masks to prevent transmission. Online food delivery services must keep in mind the outcomes if proper awareness is not given to delivery workers. 

‘Increasing the wages of delivery workers’ 

People are switching gradually to on-demand apps to get their services done. The empty shelves of the grocery store and the locked up restaurants have made people think of alternate ways to get services. The situation is so alarming that only selfless workers are ready to offer services. Just like a doctor or a nurse providing healthcare services, delivery workers ought to be given the respect they deserve. While our delivery is on the way, their lives are on the line. As mentioned earlier, delivery workers are lifesavers too. Hence, an increased delivery wage during this pandemic season isn’t that painful. Delivery workers are to be assured that complete care will be given to them in case anything undesirable happens. 

Moreover, increasing wages can boost their morale to work significantly. With an increase in demand, an increase in wages can pull more delivery professionals for the service. The assurance that their life is taken care of and increased wages can greatly benefit the delivery workers. 

It is high time people realize lives are more important than the economy. Instead of complaining about the increase in delivery fees, let us think of it as a contribution to the selfless service offered by these delivery professionals. 


On-demand service apps are the only rays of hope, providing us with essential services. People need to know the alarming situation and act more wisely to prevent the infection from spreading further. Social distancing is the shield we can use to avoid coronavirus transmission. Even during these undesirable circumstances, there are certain selfless workers doing services for us. Those selfless workers aren’t just the healthcare department, but also the delivery services department. The delivery professionals are working tirelessly to meet our demands. They offer doorstep services of the food and grocery we order. These delivery professionals mustn't act as carriers of the infection. Proper awareness of these delivery workers can break the transmission chain. Proper hygiene and sanitation procedures are the only preventive actions the delivery professional can take. So make sure you use these on-demand apps only for the necessity and encourage delivery workers to be self-aware.