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4 cosmetic trends that are likely to boom for men in 2020

4 cosmetic trends that are likely to boom for men in 2020

Monday January 06, 2020,

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In this selfie and filter obsessed generation, the idea of feeling conscious about your appearance is becoming more and more apparent. People are taking extra steps to ensure they feel comfortable with how they look as social platforms such as Instagram becomes an addictive presence in our daily lives.

Although this association would generally occur with women, it’s fair to say that men are also taking notice of this trend. As a result, we’re entering an age where cosmetic regimes and routines are becoming common for males as they aim for the pampered and polished look. Now, it’s fair to say there are far more men being comfortable with their metrosexuality and steering towards methods they can utilise to improve their appearance.

Over the years, the male grooming industry has boomed as men begin to focus more on self-care and how they look on the outside as well as the inside. There have been examples of male skin and hair products that have grown over the years and it’s likely this trend will grow in 2020. 

Here are 4 male grooming trends in particular that we’ll see more of come the new year.

Hair transplants

Hair loss is a common issue for both men and women in this day and age, so the obsession to have a full head of hair is becoming a larger desire than ever before. Some men tend to pull off the bald look whilst others are latching on to the final strands they have. For this reason, we’re likely to see hair transplants boom in the new year. 

There are 3 ways that this form of cosmetic surgery can be conducted, through Follicular unit transplantation (a form of strip method) or Follicular unit extraction (FUE). Follicular unit transplantation involves the process of dividing up a part of the skin that already has hair and then applying this to bald areas of the scalp. FUE requires the surgeons removing the individual hairs from the back of the head and replacing these with hairs on the scalp.

For those that struggle with hair loss, this is a great solution to overcome your worries. It’s also beneficial for those who have struggles with growing hair in other parts of the head including eyebrows or beards.

Makeup for men

For many many years, the use of make up has been heavily associated with the use by women but it’s use is slowly making an appearance within the male domain too. When we reflect on years gone by where black eyeliner and heavy eye makeup was relatable to rock stars and celebrities back in the day, this is slowly making a comeback even before we head into 2020.

Major consumer makeup brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford have previously released makeup lines that have been solely targeted towards men which has had a huge impact of its use within society. Considering the reputation of these brands and the acceptance of makeup in a male groups, it could be very likely that the year 2020 we see it become a mainstream product on the high street. It will mean anything from eyebrow kits to foundations and bronzers, they’re more than likely to be found in the suit jacket of a modern man.

Full body hair grooming

Hair care for men has been a prominent trend for many years as the growth of the beard has grown in more ways than one. Where in the past, males may have looked at ways to remove unwanted hair from their bodies, barber shops have understood there’s now a trend for good hair care with men and we now see many more services in barber shops that we may not have seen long ago. 

Now, customers are able to enter a modern barber shop and request more than just a nice trim at the top of their head. Whether you require your beard to be shaped and pampered or even need a tidy up for your eyebrows, we’re now seeing services related to do threading and waxing more common and this can all easily be done through the services that are provided by your local barber.

As for colours and hairstyles, this is still yet to be predicted. One thing for sure though is that haircare is likely to be the biggest trend to arrive for barbers as they look to do more for their customers to satisfy their needs. 

Sustainable and ethical product choices

Whilst looking after ourselves is a top priority in 2020, it’s likely there will also be consideration to care for the planet too, as male grooming businesses look to take a more sustainable approach to their product choices. There has been much uproar around climate-change, deforestation and many more environmental movements in the past as experts come to the realisation that far more harm than first realised is being made to the earth.

In 2020, expect more products to showcase environmental benefits with their packaging and ingredient use as they look to avoid harming the earth even further. Skincare product brand Bulldog are just one example of brand that look to be the environment first with the products they’re looking to produce. A similar impact is also expected within the male realm of beauty and skincare products.

Cosmetic trends for men

With the generation that we’re currently in, it’s no surprise to see cosmetic trends rise in popularity for men. The predictions made are solely based off previous trends we’ve seen in the past and what is considered the ‘in’ thing for consumers currently. In the year 2020, the trends mentioned above are more than likely to be at the forefront of cosmetic trends for men. At the same time, research and development is continuously being conducted as businesses look to make a breakthrough product that will hit the consumer market by storm, so don’t be surprised to see brand new trends appear out of nowhere for the male targets.

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