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Podcast an Amazing Frontier for Every Sector

PodMiners is the free podcasting and broadcasting platform based on blockchain technology.

Podcast an Amazing Frontier for Every Sector

Monday July 29, 2019,

4 min Read

Every person individually or as an organization loves to stay updated with the technology or news. The best way in the tight routine is the podcast. The podcast is the only method left in today’s time which is being proved to be useful for the updates with the busy schedule. 

On the other hand, if you’re fond of your voice and speeches, then this is the accurate and simplest and cheapest way to express your thoughts and spread over the internet. If so, then you must be familiar with the terms “podcasting” and “broadcasting”.

Podcast an Amazing Frontier for Every Sector

Don’t you know about an amazing frontier… Let’s check about it…

The radio industry is being transformed from the traditional way of listening to the updates to the modern way of listening to podcasts. As the clock is shifting to the digital world, the technology is also getting updated and now everyone is familiar with the term podcast. The increasing demands of the podcasts can be calculated by the number of podcasts available on the internet. There is a drastic change in the last decade. People have shifted the technology started using smartphones and podcasts as well instead of reading lengthy articles.

The new marketing frontier is a blockchain-based digital radio that is going to revolutionize the radio industry. Blockchain is the advanced technology which helps the platforms to be more secure and transparent. The integration of blockchain is safer in terms of data alteration as modifying the data isn’t allowed until the subsequent blocks are updated. The designs based on this technology is more reliable and increases transparency.

Talking about the frontier….

The frontier is a platform for podcasting and broadcasting named as PodMiners. The platform is the only one providing combined services with enhanced features. The platform has integrated the features of the blockchain which makes it more secure and reliable. The PodMiners have a unique database that helps you to have a better experience with its quick services. The amazing and shocking thing is it's free and will remain free forever as well which is an additional benefit to the listeners and content creators as well. 

PodMiners consists of various advanced features which help to spread your ideas easily in the communities alike you. Talking about its current features, it's easy to upload a pre-recorded audio and share it on the social channels in just a single click. Further, live streaming is an amazing feature through which the audience can listen to the host live. Moreover, the audience and host can connect during the live show through the live calling feature. Further, you can give an attractive look to your profile by uploading your favorite photo, your interests, biographies and more. 

The queued features consist of various advancements like deep insights, scheduling of content, audio editing tools and much more. The vision behind this platform - PodMiners is to eliminate the current issues of the podcasting sector. We, people, face issues to share a podcast directly from the platform to social channels. Sometimes the payments are delayed and there is no such platform that allows the transactions of micro-payments. The biggest threat to the content creators’ online reputation is fake reviews and ratings. These type of issues are being solved by the PodMiners with the integration of blockchain technology. The platform will also integrate the advertisement model, soon. 

This free podcasting platform, PodMiners, will be a benchmark very soon as it is compatible for everyone whether the content creator, listener or the advertiser. Once all the features are integrated, PodMiners will positively affect every sector as it will help then to share the tips, tricks and all the things directly.