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Global Coronavirus Pandemics and it's Psychological Impact

The Global Coronavirus Pandemics leads to Self-isolation & Quarantine and how it affects the human psychology

Global Coronavirus Pandemics and it's Psychological Impact

Tuesday April 07, 2020,

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In the time of global pandemic over coronavirus or COVID-19, self-isolation and quarantine become essential. People taking complete advantage of it on things which they love to enjoy. Whereas, there is part of the community passed through difficulty in getting basic survival need. The prevention of spread can only be stopped by self-isolation at home. It is considered as the most effective measures to beat the coronavirus.

There are numbers of researchers are working to defeat the coronavirus. The teams of scientists are researching on finding the vaccines for coronavirus. The global alliance in terms of fighting coronavirus is essential. We live in an era where humanity on the edge of lost. The complete control over the situation can concur through proper planning, strategy formulation and effective action plan immediately. All nations want to protect their people and with the same way intentions replicate their actions. When such a pandemic situation arises then the global alliance of nations should be formed to fight against such an outbreak. There should be less focus over stocking up the medical equipment, medicines and all basic needs. Instead of more focused towards the equal supply of the all necessary needs for treatments of patients should be emphasized.

The biggest problem for people is quarantine time. It leads to self-isolating themselves in the home for an uncertain period of time. The issues like boredom, bringing back financial stability after quarantine, Inadequate supply of food & basic need, stress, anxiety and relationship failures creates mental breakdown. The counterfeit action should be taken as soon as possible under such a situation to maintain mental well-being.

People stressed from this pandemic for protecting themselves from these infections. An almost major part of the world implemented lockdown, so sufficient supply of basic need worried most people. The major emotional issues facing by the world are suicide attempt, loss of freedom, uncertainty over the status of outbreak, separation of loved ones, filing of a lawsuit, divorce cases and relationship issues.

The fear of coronavirus spread make people anxious and stressed. Self-isolation becomes one of the reasons for problems in relationships. There are a lot of cases of domestic violence noted during this quarantine time. The increased cases of physical abuses, sexual abuses and emotional abuses let this human life at risk. A quick and effective action plan should be defined by the local health organisations to resolve such pandemic effects over human life. The improper management of such issues let this world pay huge psychological loss. It is observed that such psychological cases take a lot of time to get recovered.

The after quarantine factors also impact the psychological behaviour of people. The advance planning for bringing financial stability at place lost during this pandemic time is necessary. The uncertain interruption in business activities due to quarantine before any advance planning cause stressful behaviour. When a global economic breakdown occurs then investors may suffer a huge loss in their investment. All such financial loss has a diverse impact on human psychology. The racism and discrimination among the people after the quarantine time creates social difficulty.

The stigmatization could be the post-quarantine effect. The potential loss and frustration due to quarantine & pandemic situations let people hard to accept victims back to society.

We have not yet lost complete control over this pandemic situation. The guidelines and strategic planning to help people to overcome such problems can help in resolving such issues. Formation of regulatory bodies who look after such issues and help the nation to pass through this situation becomes a must. Such pandemic situations could be a great learning opportunity to gear up on dealing with such future occurrence.