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What are some good team building activities?

Interesting Team Building Activities To Boost Employee Engagement

What are some good team building activities?

Friday June 21, 2019,

6 min Read

Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Many companies organize team building activities from time to time to give due attention to the most values asset of their organization-their employees. These activities are basically well-planned activities that helps in giving a firm boost to the morale of their employees. It also translates into a success for the business. There are ample reasons why organizing team building activities prove to be quite beneficial for the companies. Here, we bring you some of the best team building activities that help companies enjoy multiple benefits.

Team Building Activities- For Business Success

These team building activities help team participants to come closer to each other and share a strong bond.

Race the Picture

Race the picture

This activity is quite like treasure hunt, a game that all of us have played at one point of time. Teams are created and clues are given to them. These clues are in the form of anagrams, riddles, codes, and unexpected locations. The team must crack these codes together and move ahead in the game. A lot of additional activities are also assigned to each team that adds more fun and challenge to the game. The success in these activities help them unlock special items which paves way for their success in the game. It is the combines effort of every team member that translates into success.

This activity hones their problem-solving skills which proves quite beneficial in their day to day jobs. The team members learn the art and significance of working together, brainstorming to find answers to the clues given to them and solve problems. They also learn to think strategically and rationally. It is also a perfect activity that ensures strong team bonding.

Raft Building

Raft Building

In this activity, the team is asked to imagine being left stranded at an island and the only thing that can help them escape from this problem is by building a raft and set sail to the mainland. To begin with, the team is asked to build a raft. Each team may have 4-6 members. The raft built by them must support them and can also be rowed to a distance. They are assigned basic raw materials that contains floatable items. Making an optimal use of these materials, they must build a robust raft which can float and take the team to a distance. It is a high-risk activity and for the team to survive, they need to focus on even the minutest details while constructing the raft.

This activity instills the sense of creativity and focuses on synergistic efforts. This activity takes place outside office environment with employees exposed to a new environment. To succeed in this activity, they will have to be creative and build a sturdy raft that transports the team. The team participants learn coming up with fresh and innovative ideas and adhering to the instructions given to them. Moreover, they also understand the value of working together to achieve a goal.

Pyramid Building

Pyramid Building

It is an amazing team building activity where the team is entrusted with building a giant pyramid. Teams are created and each team is assigned basic raw materials, equipment, construction plans and tools. The entire team must come together and build a pyramid. Once it is ready, the team proceeds with message writing and use colors that are in sync with company’s product range and motto. Each team completes a part of the project and finally all pieces are combined or joined to build a pyramid.

This activity helps the team learn the significance of collaboration and how everyone’s contribution help in completing the project as per instructions. The activity helps the pay attention to proper planning, and flawless implementation. They also learn optimal resource utilization and effective project execution.

Cook it up

Cook It Up

It is a challenge that tests team participants working under pressure as a chef and their sense of taste and flavors. It is MasterChef style activity where every team is given the task of preparing a 5-course meal. The teams are divided into smaller teams where each team is entrusted with one dish to prepare. They must prepare a lot right from salads to desserts and must pay attention to time management. An actual five-start chef encourages to prepare the dishes as per instructions shared within a stipulated time. There is a lot of fun and excitement and frenzied activity to complete the task as per precise requirements.

This team building activity helps the team members to bond with each other and develop a sense of trust for each other. The disconnect between employees and management seems to get melt away and help breaks the barrier.


Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

It is a highly competitive activity which has a theme set up in the 19th century. That was the time when Mafia gangs used to rule the world. As a part of this activity, each team is given some tasks that they must complete as per instructions and the team that scores highest points get to rule over the city.

This activity based on Godfather theme involve fake assassinations, kidnappings, robberies, etc. After successfully completing each activity, the team gets to win an Elite card like the Joker Card, John Wick Card, and the Rat Card. Using these cards, team can take care of their opponents. It is an exciting activity that facilitates better communication, break the barriers among team members and entails some role-playing activity which adds a lot of fun and excitement to the game.

Employees love participating in these activities and gain a lot of benefits from them. The main benefit is identifying underlying skills, and capabilities in themselves that they were not aware of. The team bonding which is the most significant takeaway from these activities help employees and the companies enjoy amazing success. Together, the team works well and can achieve tough goals without any hassles. Conversely, individual goals will not take them anywhere. It is for these benefits that more and more companies are planning to organize professionally managed team building activities and take the business to newer heights.