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Grow your Business using Animated Explainer Videos

Your business needs our Explainer Video

Grow your Business using Animated Explainer Videos

Wednesday June 12, 2019,

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Animated Explainer Videos

Business is a serious story to tell but, the World always prefers entertainment over information. In other words, no one is ready to spend their time on boring lectures. People love entertainment, people love to get entertained. Anything that is entertaining reaches the audience quickly, so as your business.

Explainer Videos for Startup

A one-minute video could convey more messages than a few hours of PowerPoint Presentation. It hooks up the audience mind and allows them to concentrate more. The Styles, characters, colors, etc., play a vital role in engaging the audience. Entertainment alone cannot allow you to grow your business that could help you to reach a wide audience though. Edutainment is the tool to grow your business. Entertain your target audience. Educate them regarding your business and how they are useful for your target audience.

grow your business

Creating a scarcity and finding the solution is the beauty of explainer videos. A question is always meant to be answered. Ask the question to your target audience that could provoke their knowledge regarding your products. Remember, too much of questions might annoy your audience. A tricky question, followed by the solution and its working has always been the formula to generate a brand awareness to customers. A video could easily touch the audiences’ heart and brain easily than a marketing person’s words.

The difference between reading a book and watching a movie is the best example to relate in this case, wider audience prefer movies than book. People always prefer the entertainment. The Entertainment is key to grow your business. An intense pick of words, and hours of presentation is outdated in this digital market. There is a stat claiming that video boosts conversions and sales. Video also plays a vital role in building trusts. Words can go in the air, but the video will always stay in your mobile, laptop and Youtube channel.

Launching a new product or a service definitely needs a video to explain. There is a survey claiming that 98% of users watch explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 45% of businesses who use video marketing said that they have an explainer video on their homepage.

Animated videos can help in explaining difficult concepts. 2D animations and 3D animations never fail in catching the audiences’ heart and soul. They help you to convey the things in a lighter and entertaining tone which eventually makes customers understand the concept and their uses.

Catchy colors and pleasing visuals are always a treat to watch. 2D Animations, 3D Animations, Motion Graphics, and Whiteboard Animations are a few kinds of animations types that are widely used in Video Marketing. Engaging and Entertaining through videos generate curiosity of people to buy the products. Also, uploading a video on your website allows your webpage to top 53 times better than other Web pages according to Google. That’s the power of Video Marketing. Video Marketing always claimed to be the greatest Marketing weapon sales and create brand awareness. In the modern world of Techs and mobiles, video is the new era that ensures the promotion and desired business growth for the organization. Almost all the organization believes and tries their best to explain their product through videos. Remember, Video marketing is as simple as it is; likewise, video marketing is as tough as it is.

Yes, A customer decides whether to watch or not a video in the first 5 seconds of the video itself. Therefore, one could say that the first 5 seconds of the video is very crucial and needs extra care. Creating Scarcity related to the product, or asking questions that trigger an interest to viewers are some of the ways to engage the viewers from the start.

You could easily save a lot of time with addition to generating sales and conversions. Whiteboard animation is also widely used to explain new products and services. It allows you to grab the customer’s attention from the word go.

Thus, explainer videos play a major role not only in generating sales but also in saving your valuable time in explaining the product.

The Digital world is innovative and entertaining! Video marketing is the evolution that your business needs!

“Adapting to the world’s biggest platform is the key to grow your business!”

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