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Guide to Conducting Contactless CX Surveys During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many ways in which businesses can run contactless customer experience surveys even during the lock-down with the help of the software piHappiness.

Guide to Conducting Contactless CX Surveys During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday May 20, 2020,

4 min Read

The COVID-19 crisis has led to a time of distress and trouble. Social distancing is the most important need of the hour. but businesses must keep running customer experience surveys in order to keep a track of what they might be lacking in terms of service. These surveys are usually done so as to get to know about what the customers feel about your products, services, etc. What makes these CX surveys essential is that they are key to attaining success and achieving a high standard in the corporate world. 

Due to strict measures of social distancing, it’s not possible to physically meet every customer individually or have group discussions with them about what they are content with or would like to have improved. Therefore, businesses must take certain alternative digital steps to check the qualitative side of their products and services to serve their customers in better ways. 

Some Ways to Conduct Contactless Customer Experience Surveys During COVID-19 Lock-down

There are many ways in which businesses can run customer experience surveys even during the lock-down with the help of the software piHappiness. This software offers your business with loads of features that can keep a track of the needs and feedback of your customers. These surveys make sure that there are improved customer loyalty and the upward growth of the company. They definitely require thoughtful and diplomatic processes. The feedback of the customers that are analyzed and interpreted comprehensively and collaboratively help in improving the revenue and customer retention capacity.

Thus, here are some of the many features of the customer experience software of piHappiness that lets you keep a check on the aspect of customer satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score: The Net Promoter Score or the NPS is a unique feature of piHappiness that helps businesses to track the satisfaction of the customers on a scale of 1 to 10. It also indicates whether they are willing to promote the product or the service of your company to their friends and family. Here, a score of 1 indicates that the customer is least likely to recommend the service while 10 indicates that the customer is extremely likely to do the same.

Customer Happiness Emoticons: Customers are more likely to take surveys conducted by customer experience software like piHappiness that are less formal and corporate and more easy-going, informal, simple, friendly, short, and entertaining, all at the same time. That is why piHappiness has the feature of Customer Happiness Emoticons that creates a friendly, simple, and easy yet not too informal environment to conduct the survey of the customer experience. There are 5 emoticons that are colored red, orange, yellow, light green, and deep green that are in the increasing order of customer satisfaction.

Feedback Reasons: While numbers might help to measure the willingness of the customer to recommend the service, the reasons pointed out by them about what they are satisfied with, disappointed with, or neutral about with the help of emoticons helps businesses to pinpoint their own strengths and weaknesses. This feature not only helps in checking the satisfaction of the customer but also helps in realizing their own probable rooms of improvement and growth.

Custom Demographic Reports: This feature of the customer experience software helps businesses to get into more details of the customers and makes it easier to set the target audience of their products and services. The Custom Demographic Reports feature helps to get the details of the consumers like their age group, gender, nationality, qualifications, income group, and so on, which makes it easier for businesses to form a comprehensive and extensive report regarding customer feedback.


Analytics and Reports: The customer experience is very important to know and these surveys could be done with the Analytics and Reports feature of the software. Since piHappiness has inbuilt analytics, it can produce reports in different forms like bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts. These reports contain valuable insights and help in analyzing the customers’ willingness to promote the product and the reasons behind doing so.


The COVID-19 crisis is affecting the entire world along with companies across the globe. It might be impossible to conduct physical CX surveys during the time of lock-down and social distancing. Along with the above-mentioned features, there are a lot more digitized ways to conduct CX surveys for your company. Thus, piHappiness is here to provide your business with its advanced customer experience analyzing techniques and get rid of any existing or potential drawbacks.