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Gunjan Singh Bags The Title Of Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

Summary: The CEO and the founder of Web Click India won the award of Young Entrepreneur Of The Year on 23rd December 2018 in the ceremony which was held to reward the efforts of entrepreneurs with an innovative mindset, who are achieving excellence in different fields and domains.

Gunjan Singh Bags The Title Of Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

Thursday January 10, 2019,

4 min Read

Gunjan Singh, the owner and the pioneer behind the foundation of Web Click India – a Website Designing Company In India bags the Global Business Award of being the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 on the eve of 23rd December 2018 at Tivoli Resort and Hotel. The awards were presented to him by none other than Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, which is indeed an honour in itself. He bags the title for the flawless achievements in the field of digitalization and creating unflinching online space.

This award is bestowed to the one who has proved its worth in the market within a short frame of time and Mr. Gunjan proved to be a perfect fit for the honour and received the same with pride and glory. Back in 2014, he decided that it was the right time to close his eyes to old ends and open hearts to the new beginnings and that is when he put the foundation stone of his company that has now turned into a brand and customers have started to recognize him from his name only.

Mr. Gunjan believes in the magic of new beginnings and says, “Winning is never a matter of coincidence or luck, to grab success one has to prove the universe that he is worthy of receiving it and the same can be proved with a combined effort of smart work and hard work.” Later, he added, “The ones who wait for the perfect time to start with always stay in a queue, get ready now and turn your cants into cans for making dreams into plans.”

His words and his story of struggle is the benchmark for the dreamers and innovators. Starting as an ordinary boy belonging to Dhanbad, he has made an extraordinary and indelible name, not in just India but abroad too. While the competitors believe in crossing the stream from where it is shallowest, the young entrepreneur just aims at crossing it, no matter how shallow or deep the water is. His courage and consistent endeavour to contrive excellence has been the major reasons why clients love to do business with him.

Apart from the personal skills that he owns, his team is nothing less than commendable and it is their collaborated effort and dexterity because of which Web Click India has attained great heights today in Digital Domain. Everyone including the savvy writers, tech-lover developers, ingenious designers, splendid digital marketers and quick-witted telemarketers have an awesome energy level with which they usually pull a rabbit out of the hat. Their excellent skills and ability to add glitter to every project they handle is what allures the clients to deal with them.

In such a short time, Web Click India is a known name in the world of digital marketing and people recognize them to be as the best SEO Company In Delhi that performs the task of website designing, developing and getting it highlighted in Search Engines and many more. The award with which the founder of the company was awarded is an appreciation that he received for his excellent work in the industry and it became a reason to push him further to achieve excellence and earn more badges equal to this.

He only has to say that, there would not be a better end to the year 2018 and a new start to 2019. Also, It’s just a glimpse, there’s lots more to attain and he’ll work with all his determination and zest for the same. His company is engaged in serving website designing, development and SEO Services and has covered so many milestones in a very short span.