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Helpful Things to Do When You Think Life Sucks

You Think Life Sucks

Helpful Things to Do When You Think Life Sucks

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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As all of us know, that life is unending journey, yes, at some certain point of time it ends but when and where it will end, none of us know, that part of we can say how much we live is very much complicated question because in spite of all our care and concern, worry and warnings, trouble and tensions; there are many situations and circumstances in our life where we do not have any control and death is one of them; none of us know when and where death will approach us; but almost all of us know one thing very well that throughout the life many a times we find our self in the situations and circumstances that simply express the feeling of that “LIFE SUCKS”

Yes, many a times life sucks to all of us, but, If we know what to do when life sucks; chances are there where we can make “Lemon out of lemonade” and for that there are some simple tools, techniques, tips and tricks which simply make life more meaningful, magnificent, marvelous, melodious, musical and best part most of them are not as much complicated or difficult as much we think.


Many a times in our life we come across the situations and circumstances where we feel that why me? Because we found our self in the absolutely wrong side of the life, nothing goes as per our wish, on the contrarily we find that everything goes out of our hand; and day after day; we may feel like that we are simply loosing the ground; we are not gaining but on the contrarily we are losing what the ground we had; at some point of time we may feel that entire universe is completely against us; and if we are religious and spiritual by nature there starts complete doubt about the presence of GOD in our life.

This is time when we need to do something much more concrete, much more sincere, much more solid, much more sustainable and it all starts with the simple strategy of mind set change; yes, if we are really interested to come out from this situations and circumstances; first of all; we have to make out much more clear that proper mind set is needed to change the situation and it all starts with proper thinking.

Instead of asking the question more often “Why me”? We should start to seek the answer “What Next?” yes, this is what we need to do when life completely sucks; because; if we dwell more on the question “Why ME? The more and more we will find our self in the past, the lost, the missing opportunities, the tragedies happened to us, and the event which has already happened to us will start to take maximum time and energy of our life and there exactly the problem is laying. Yes, our most of the energy wasted to the past which is already dead and due to that we simply lose the opportunities available in front of us. So, whenever we find our self in this situation it is always good to start to think as fast as possible about what next? Yes, because, as we know the damage has been already done, now there is no chance, but if we start to think from what next? Point of view we will simply find that still something is left, still, there is a chance, still, everything has not gone but there are many things left and from there if we start to uplift our self chances are there sooner or later we can or we will come out of the situations which simply ruins our life; so, when we find our self in this situations and circumstances “Life sucks” it is always good to start from the “What next”? Point of view.


Throughout our entire life we cannot expect that life will always go as per our expectations but many a times situations and circumstances go way beyond our reach, imaginations and desires and trust me during this turbulence time it is quiet difficult to maintain our usual cool, calm, composed stature and it is very much natural because during that time when we do not have anything to cheer up; practicing gratitude is one of the most important thing we should do during that time; and if we really, like and love to find the thing which simply makes us happy; there are many; yes, there are many things happens in our life on daily basis which simply we should cherish.

No matter whatever the situations and circumstances you have in your life or you are dealing with there is always something for which you can be grateful for; find out those things upon which you simply feel that it is nothing else but pure blessings of GOD. If you do not have anything specific to cheer up; just cheer up about the fact you are still alive and today is one of the day GOD has given to you so be grateful to GOD, because when you are still breathing there are countless people left this world, so, cheer up that still you are living. Your family, your friends, your past achievements, your health are some of the things upon which you can simply feel grateful to GOD.


Yes, when we find our self in “LIFE SUCKS” kind of situations the first thing comes in our mind to whom should we blame for this outcome; and believe me, it is very natural, because, as a human being most of us have the same tendency, why? Because, it is easiest thing to do, yes, to find out someone to blame is absolutely easiest thing which we can do without any efforts or spending energy, and in many cases it may not be plain blame but it may be hard core fact of life that due to someone, due to some unexpected situations may be manmade or nature made we might have in to this situations, so, up to an extent it may be true too; but, in spite of all, as far as possible stay away from this negative status of mind and instead of it, start to analyze the situations and find out some useful lessons from it and let go situations and start to live life as much normal as much possible.  


YES, being cool, calm & composed is one of the most essential things you need to do in to situation of “LIFE SUCKS” because the more you keep control over your anger, your depression, your anxiety the more your mind will become cool, calm and composed and the more you feel that feeling the more your mind become aware about the present and start to think from the rational & positive status of mind and sooner or later you will find the way and means to once again the regain the control over the situations and circumstances.

Regular practice of Meditation, Regular practice of Prayer, Motivational book reading, attending various training programmes, workshops, seminars about positive thinking, watching some good inspirational movies, listening talk of some notable speakers, companionship of good and positive people, pursuing your hobbies, do start to do what you love most, outdoor tours, regular morning walk, exercise are some of the useful tools and techniques you need to do in that situations and if you persistently do it sooner or later the situation will turn from setback to success in your Life.

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