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Here’s How You Can Benefit From Amazon Comparison Shopping

Here’s How You Can Benefit From Amazon Comparison Shopping

Friday July 12, 2019,

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According to a study by BloomReach, about 55% of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon. Well, that’s doesn’t come as that big of a surprise, especially when we all know how huge this platform is. And it’s all because Amazon has everything, and that too at the best possible price along with the best possible shipping speed. Even if the shoppers find a product on another eCommerce site, some of them still look for it on Amazon, just to be sure of the price. This is termed as Amazon comparison shopping. 

Everything on Amazon

Amazon Store Management

Now, this is a commonly observed shopping behavior, agreed, but then it’s not something to worry about. If anything, it could be the stepping stone you have been looking for all this while. And that’s because you can learn from it and bring something new to the table, grabbing customer attention, and more importantly, convincing them to go for your product. 

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Study Amazon Deeply 

Well, the very first step would be to find out everything about Amazon that makes it so popular amongst the buyers. Let’s try to name a few USPs: competitive pricing, dependable returns, fast and free shipping, a huge collection of products, and so on. And not to forget the perfect listings that display a product and its details in the best way possible. Well, coming up with such listings will be easier if you hire eCommerce product data entry specialists who can ensure the accuracy of your product data at all times. 

Optimize your Amazon Store

Analyze Amazon Store Performance

What you need is better content for your eCommerce store. For example, you can take to educational content or introduce some buying guides with some personalized recommendations built right in. Potentially anything that lets you connect with the customers. Maybe even go for eCommerce  Because when they find something they’re looking for and sense a connection, they’ll most probably go for you. An impeccable shopping experience is all a customer is looking for, and it’s exactly what you need to provide in order to reel them in.

2.Take to Influencer Marketing

According to a survey conducted by Episerver, about 52% of online shoppers that use social media have opened an influencer’s post and about a third of those shoppers have purchased the endorsed item in the post. Well, we all know how effective influencer marketing is, and in most cases, it works! 

Influencer Marketing

Use Influencer Marketing

We talked about building connections earlier. The best way to do that is by doing something that consumers care about. And note this, they do care about what influencers have to say, which is why many followers go for something when recommended. Try influencer marketing to build customer trust and focus on increasing your number of followers. 

3.Never Ever Forget about Optimization

You must have heard about website optimization a couple of times, but are you really aware of its importance. Well, there’s this concept called spearfishing. It’s simply a practice that some Amazon lovers follow. They somehow land on a retailer’s eCommerce website and when they find a product they like, they copy the product’s name and paste it directly into Google search box or Amazon’s search box, you know, just to be sure. So much so that 28% of Amazon’s sessions (monthly) come from search engines. 

Optimize your Product Listing

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

There’s a possible solution for this kind of shopping behavior. eCommerce store optimization can help your website rank higher in the search results. You can also use paid advertising to attract quality traffic based on your targeted keywords. A fully optimized eCommerce page will only mean that it is trustable, which is why they may skip checking the same on Amazon. 

4.Wrapping up

It's all about winning customer loyalty and trust. Using the aforementioned tips, you’ll be able to do just that and more i.e. build a wider customer base and bag conversions like never before!

Wrapping Up

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