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How AI is Reshaping Mobile Landscape?

How AI is Reshaping Mobile Landscape?

Monday September 24, 2018,

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Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made a huge impact on human interaction with machines and devices. Whether it is any kind of industry, from travel, utility, machine, telecommunications or advertising industries, AI and ML have greatly enhanced the smartphone experience. Android iOS mobile platforms integrate AI and ML into various applications. In addition, decision-making on AI and ML has become much faster and more accurately gaining a huge amount of information.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are far more than smart technologies because they bring all the emerging technologies, especially in technology, telecommunications and the media industry. We will look at the development of new technologies such as chatbot, self-driving cars, virtual assistants, etc. In addition, in the coming years there will be an incredible stream of AI and ML that can only be seen in science fiction films.

In 2018, we have seen a huge transformation in various industries, as they will opt for AI and ML to improve their existing services. In addition, additional features and applications integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning will be featured in future versions of Android and iOS. You will need to hire Android developers who have knowledge of AI and ML. All of the changes below are how AI and ML will bring mobile technology:

  • Empowering Search Engines

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have launched a new method for users to search using images and voice. Moreover, due to integrated AI and ML in mobile applications, it has now become compulsory for Android developers to develop an image recognition system and voice recognition system. In addition, AI will provide localization of applications to increase conversion rates

  • Artificial Intelligence Combined With the Internet of Things(IoT)

AI lets your device communicate with each other. AI is going to make drastic changes by collecting all the real-time data and processing that data so that devices learn to function on their own. Therefore, AI is helping Android developers to learn and execute with every information which is exchanged among various devices and then take all the necessary action.

  • Smartphone Camera Are Getting Better in Subject Detection

This is one of the important areas where Android phone makers and Android application developers work in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With AI, the smartphone interface can easily detect an object in the camera frame, such as food, landscape, fireworks, etc. It works according to how to improve settings to get the best possible picture.

Moreover, artificial intelligence and machine learning can also easily identify facial features and enhance it to get a super portrait image automatically.

  • Translating Languages in Real-Time

There are many translation applications that allow users to capture a text image in one language and convert them into another language.

However, most of these applications use the internet to upload images for text analysis and translation.

By integrating AI and ML, your smartphone will be able to translate different languages ​​in real time without having to connect to the Internet.

  • Face Unlock to Power More Smartphones

Featuring iPhone X in September 2017, unlocking the face has become one of the most popular Android smartphone features. Apple uses algorithms based on AI and ML for its face unlocking system. Combining high-end hardware, Artificial Intelligence works to identify the user's face to ensure unlocking.

In addition, in the coming years, we will see many Android developers and smartphone makers who implement the Face Unlock feature with AI processing. Where a smartphone can easily identify a person's face by changing facials such as beards or glasses over time.

  • High App Authentication

AI has a great responsibility when talking about cyber security. Thanks to the ever-changing technology and the growing use of smartphones, we all need an advanced level of data security. Developers of new Android apps are one of the biggest problems for Android developers. With AI and ML systems, concerns and security issues have been reduced by alerting users to possible threats and vulnerabilities by analyzing user behavior.

  • Creating App Marketing

Traders are required to collect and manage huge data sets, both offline and online. It takes a lot of time and hard work because data maintenance for every customer is a demanding job when you are asked to consult millions of customers around the world.

Intelligent phones and AI-based applications help analyze and market research and purchase user history. According to Statista.com, nearly 30% of businesses and businesses will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase their sales by 2020. In addition, AI and ML help businesses make better marketing decisions to increase their customer interests and sales.


Nowadays, see the impressive growth of AI and ML, it can be said that businesses are clearly focused on influencing and ads that use micro-targeting to expand their reach reach.

AI will be integrated into 5G smartphones in the coming years. This means that users can get all the benefits of AI and ML that have the potential to collect, store and process all data in real time. Plus with AI you get an advanced personalized user experience. Therefore, businesses will have the advantage of increasing their business and return on investment (ROI). The future of the future will be smart for intelligent phones with AI and ML and with the mobile economy going to be tremendously growing over time. To get new AI features into your existing mobile app, you should hire an Android developer.

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