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How AI-based HR chatbot automates our HR processes ?

What if machines could automate the HR processes such as leave processing, payroll management etc by means of an intelligent HR chatbot ?

How AI-based HR chatbot automates our HR processes ?

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

7 min Read

HR chatbot

Make work easy for HR by automating mundane & redundant tasks

How AI-powered HR Chatbots Disrupt the HR Department

Are you aware? On average, an HR manager receives about 500–600 queries a day about leave requests, interview status, appraisal status, medical insurance, job applications, payroll details, etc. Addressing each of these queries individually is a tedious task, then again manually carrying out the processes associated with theses queries would be pretty exhaustive for any HR manager.

While hiring often takes centre stage, an HR team is responsible for hundreds of other duties that directly influence the organisation but aren’t as visible. They have to manage a large and varied employee base while operating with a small team. Their responsibilities are huge and their goals are always challenging. HR managers seldom get enough time and resources to work efficiently. 

What if a chatbot or a conversational tool can interact with your employees and provide them with the information they seek?

With advancements in present AI technology, machines are now able to mimic much of the “cognitive” functions associated with the human mind, such as “learning”, “problem-solving”, “ profiling”, “skill assessment”, “decision making” etc. If we are able to leverage these qualities for enhancing HR processes using machine intelligence, we can save our HR managers from most of the repetitive and mundane tasks that they do every day. So that, they are able to focus on more productive works such as employee skill development programs, maintaining healthy work culture, etc.

And we did it!

When we realized this is the problem, we looked out for many products that could solve the problem for us, but none of the products available in the market served as an apt solution for our requirement. We wanted the chatbot to be as humane & interactive as possible. Moreover, it should be capable of being integrated with HRMS, CRM, and other communication channels. Eventually, we built an AI-driven conversational tool highly customized for the HR department.

HR Chatbots are applications or programs that that can communicate with employees through text messages with artificial intelligence and machine learning at its core "

Many HR Managers state that their challenge on a daily basis is maintaining high levels of employee engagement when much of their time is taken up with laborious work. Since, they do everything from hiring new talents to keep employees focused and working hard while making sure they are happy and satisfied at work. An HR Chatbot can automate mundane and repetitive HR tasks so that HR managers could focus on things that require more individual attention such as hiring, employee training and building better employee relationship.

Here are a few use cases of HR chatbot in the HR department:

One of the major challenge that many employees face today in an organization is the difficulty to access relevant information on HR policies and processes. Today, more and more organizations are trying to gain a competitive edge over the other by utilizing advanced core technological implementations, since the HR department plays a crucial role in creating a measurable impact on both employees & clients.

An ideal HR chatbot is built using state of the art advanced Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Algorithms to perform HR tasks based on employee interactions. It should be easily accessed through company portals or other messenger applications for easy deployment in the workplace.

Speedup Recruitment processes

Long gone are the days, where an HR manager needs to look out for prospective employee candidates through social media accounts. Based on the needed job description, HR chatbots could do social media background checks and even analyze their posting patterns. Moreover, they are able to fetch resumes from the database for recruitment purposes. Beginning from candidate listing, pre-screening, schedule meetings, interviews, potential employee background verification could all be efficiently carried out by HR chatbots. Intelligent automation with AI-powered chatbots frees up HR manager’s time more reliably and efficiently.

Recruitment HR chatbot

For instance, after someone applies for a job position at a company an HR chatbot almost immediately engages with the applicant. It performs a pre-screening process where the candidate is asked certain client-specific “knockout questions” based on their job description. If a candidate doesn’t complete the pre-screening process, then the chatbot would notify the HR manager to send a follow-up email. If the prospect appears to be apt for the job position, then the chatbot would schedule a face-to-face interview and also adds the interview date directly onto the HR manager’s calendar schedule. Many organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to involve cognitive tools and AI systems to build a better-augmented workforce.

Easier On-boarding

For new recruits, HR Chatbots can make their on-boarding process a breeze. For example, it can provide clarifications on job roles and performance expectations and a provide walk through company policies and compliance. In short, an HR Chatbot can make on-boarding truly a self-serve process.

On-boarding HR

HR chatbots save a significant amount of time by automating on-boarding processes. Thus, it is the best solution for this particular use case. Through a single, user-friendly and multi-purpose interface an HR chatbot could be programmed to register the on-boarding data of a new employee automatically based on the required information given to it by means of a simple conversation.

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Modern progressive organizations that regard employee talent as their biggest asset invariably need to adopt interactive employee satisfaction practices. Every company need to reshape themselves to accommodate the requirements of their agile workforce — this task is only possible when companies simultaneously adopt both technological and cultural shifts, with the aim of establishing an open and cohesive working environment.

Employee Satisfaction - HR

An important role of the HR Department is to conduct annual assessments and performance appraisals. However, it is very time-consuming. An intelligent chatbot allows for the instant exchange of feedback and performance insights of the employee transparently and reliably. Lengthy and tedious appraisal forms could be replaced by automated feedback sharing with an intelligent HR chatbot.

Acts as a 24*7 Help Desk

For employees, one of the major problems they face in an organisation is to access relevant information on HR policies and processes. Chatbots can provide instant responses to a wide range of employee queries such as “When is payday?” or “Number of holidays this year?”. This way employees get an instant answer and at the same time, it will decrease the workload of HR Managers.

Helpdesk AMI

HR Chatbots are redefining the HR department by minimizing bureaucracy and granting employees greater independence. It will streamline and personalize many of the HR processes such as recruitment, on-boarding, FAQs, employee training, employee benefits, annual reviews, etc.

Attendance Management

One of the most reliable features that a progressive HR chatbot should have is the smart employee identification feature. Through the use of improved image processing, a person’s physical features could be recorded and it is then later used for attendance management.

Attendance Management

Traditionally, attendance marking was done via bio-metric or swap machines. Processes like histogram classification, noise removal, face detection, and face recognition greatly automate attendance management in HR. Employee tracking in real-time helps to automate inputs for payroll processing.

To make this feature more reliable Accubits Technologies have partnered with Intel to build highly efficient AI applications using Intel’s AI accelerators. With this partnership, Accubits aims to increase performance and optimize its products and other offerings on Intel-based platforms. As a first step for this Accubits migrated from a GPU based architecture to Intel’s CPU based architecture. The Intel’s CPU based architecture has increased the computation capability of the product by 2.7%.


In a bid to streamline HR processes and provide greater employee satisfaction, Accubits has launched AMI - HR chatbot a state of the art AI & NLP technologies. AMI - HR Chatbot can understand the importance of each ‘value-added services’ in an HR department and automates the mundane communication tasks of an HR manager. The end result is reduction in the response time of the HR department and the overall operational cost. 

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