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How are DevOps and Agile different?

How are DevOps and Agile different?

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Agile methodology is the standard followed by all application development companies worldwide. Application development teams have been adopting agile for the last 10 years. Because it provides efficient methodology of getting build a quality software. Moreover, agile provides excellent user experience by regularly focusing on quicker delivery and focused goals.

In addition, the wider use of DevOps in agile methodology has made it more compelling for IT companies worldwide. According to the context, it is important to know that DevOps is not agile and agile is not DevOps. Furthermore, it is difficult to achieve the successful application development in DevOps. While agile makes some sense when it is independent of DevOps. Agile is a more of a complete strategy when combined with DevOps practices.

Many organizations and software developers have their minds set on using agile methodology. Meaning that, agile means scrum and DevOps means continuous delivery. This simple process creates unwanted confusion between agile and DevOps, making people think that both are compatible with each other.

According to Statista.com, 60% application development companies are preferring agile methodology whereas only 10% of application development companies prefer DevOps.

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In this blog, we will talk about some of the practical differences and similarities between agile and DevOps.

1.Speed vs Risk

Application development teams using agile with or without DevOps have to remember that, a solid foundation is compulsory to support a rapid change, and a solid application. Applications must use underlying framework that must be used by the team on a regular basis.

In the context of DevOps, the web and mobile app development companies or development teams should make sure that made to the design and architecture of the application should not have any risk involved. In addition, there should not be any hidden defects related to the changes in the application, because the process of iterative changes consists of regular changes in the application.

2.Early Planning for Unplanned Task

In DevOps methodology, development companies who are using agile acknowledges that Scrum is utilized for tracking the planned work. Some of the tasks like performing system upgrades, releasing updated system etc. should be planned in advance. Other than that, some operations like system expiry, performance spikes, and application security can be unplanned.

These kind of tasks require quick response. You cannot wait until next year planning these sessions. This is the reason why businesses prefer DevOps which helps them to track both type of work.

Before that, there were priorities from multiple seniors, but now only single priority is used. It is similar for the long list of assigned task. These time management of task in agile using Scrum can make a huge difference for a development team.

3.Agile and Quality

Both agile and DevOps help in developing applications quick, risk-free application, and keeping sound structure. However, neither of them concentrate on providing best quality for a product. Most of the application development companies depend on ‘fail fast’ theory i.e. “Early failures cost less to fix”. However with agile and DevOps, quick deployments can be maintained, but not the application quality.

Agile builds the applications that meets the requirements and can adapt quickly according to the changed requirement made on time, during project lifecycle. In DevOps, with automation and bug removal, applications are delivered of a high quality. Application development companies and developers should follow best architectural and coding practices to improve the overall quality of the applications.

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Both Agile and DevOps. They must follow all the industry based standards using agile and DevOps practices. Because it allows software development companies to improve their quality, avoid software development risks, and make delivery faster. Moreover, DevOps among developers in IT companies. On the other hand, agile methodology focus on incremental, iterative, and evolutionary development. Moreover, agile is referred to as iterative approach that focuses on customer feedback, collaboration, and small incremental release. Whereas, DevOps is considered a practice for bringing operations and development teams together. Both the methodologies are good but it totally depends on your application needs and requirements.