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How are Predictive Dialers helping Businesses?

How are Predictive Dialers helping Businesses?

Monday November 19, 2018,

6 min Read

As an automated outbound voice calling system, predictive dialers speed up call center operations by dialing from a list of telephone numbers in a pre-set call ratio without any human interventions.

They use a sophisticated algorithm to predict when the agent will be available to handle the next call. In addition to this, predictive dialing solutions are designed with features to disconnect calls automatically by identifying busy signals, no answers, and answering machine.

These applications help businesses agent utilization and customize marketing campaigns with several additional options that make the most out of the available resources.

Initially, predictive dialing solutions were used by banks and financial institutions to simplify debt collection. At present, predictive dialers are being used by enterprises for a number of purposes – telemarketing, payment collection, market research, appointment confirmation, and service follow-ups.

Many studies suggest a steady increase in the worldwide predictive dialer market size.

There are numerous important reasons why more and more businesses are investing in predictive dialers. Let’s look into some major advantages and benefits of predictive dialers for modern businesses.

1.Eliminate Call Time Wastage

When the agents dial from a list of telephone numbers manually, they will need to spend extra time to deal with unanswered calls, disconnected calls, busy signals, and automated answering machines.

The predictive dialers check the availability of the agent to dial the next call based on robust algorithms. They even transfer the calls to a human agent only when the customer answers the call.

Hence, it becomes easier for agents to save the time and effort required to manage wasted calls. However, the predictive dialing solutions come with features to dial multiple numbers rapidly and simultaneously.

2.Optimize Agent Productivity

The human agents have to put extra time and effort to manage call lists manually. The predictive dialers enable agents to focus extensively on customer interaction by dialing from a list of telephone numbers automatically.

The automated call list management helps agents to outreach customers with highly focused on results. It keeps on dialing the customer contact, and with every call connection, it routes the call to the available agents. Hence, enterprises can leverage predictive dialing software to improve agent productivity and maximize agent utilization.

3.Simplify Lead Management

Often businesses need to invest additional resources to simplify lead management. In this case, They can integrate the predictive dialer with their existing lead management solutions. The integration will result in the filtering of unqualified and do not call numbers.

The dialers will further help agents to personalize customer interaction by accessing important information like purchase history, sales data, and call back information. The agents can take advantage of the updated information to determine prime time calls.

4. Improve Follow-up Management

In addition to simplifying lead management, the predictive dialing solutions further improve the follow-up management process. While interacting with customers, the agents can mark their numbers as do not call numbers if the customer requests not to call again.

Likewise, the agents can update the call-back time when a customer requests for a call back. The predictive dialers even provide various options to make it easier for agents to interact with the customers at the right time and in the right way.

5. Facilitate Real-Time Feedback Collection

Many businesses nowadays leverage hosted predictive dialer solutions to provide real-time feedback to agents. Predictive dialers come with features to monitor agent activities and provide timely feedback.

The real-time feedback sharing will make the agents more productive. The manager can further assess agent activities and call statistics to improve customer interaction by training and grooming the agents. The additional information displayed by the predictive dialer further help managers to take the right decision at the right time.

6.Various Types of Dialing Modes

As noted earlier, dialing software supports three outbound dialing modes – predictive, progressive, and preview. The three dialing modes help businesses to customize their outbound marketing campaigns without investing extra time and resources.

The preview mode helps businesses to personalize customer interaction by enabling agents to avail relevant customer data before dialing. The progressive mode ensures that no silent calls are made to the customer.

The predictive mode help businesses to monitor agent activities, gather call statistics, and predict future call traffic.

7.Blend Inbound and Outbound Calls

Many businesses manage inbound customer service and outbound marketing through a single call center. The predictive dialer helps businesses to optimize call center operations by blending inbound and outbound calls seamlessly.

The administrators can integrate predictive dialers with their call distribution systems to route calls to the available agents. The unified system further queues or lists the callers when the agents are unavailable, receive messages from the customers, and prompt agents to call back.

8.Reduce Overall Operational Cost

The small businesses and start-ups explore ways to deploy and run call centers efficiently without investing additional resources. The predictive dialing solutions help businesses to reduce call center deployment cost and time by eliminating the need to invest in expensive systems.

Also, the businesses are not required to deploy additional operators to organize call lists, check agent availability, and route the calls to the available agents. Many enterprises nowadays invest in cloud-based predictive dialers to reduce call center deployment and manage cost efficiently.

9.Varied Industry Applications

At present, enterprises from various sectors invest in predictive dialing solutions to improve customer engagement and drive sales. Hence, the use cases of predictive dialers vary across enterprise segments. Most businesses leverage predictive dialers to manage continuous outbound calls proactively.

At the same time, enterprises also use predictive dialing solutions to simplify telemarketing activities, conduct market research, initiate survey or polling, deliver mass notifications, send reminders, and promote charities. The predictive dialing solutions have been evolving consistently to meet varying enterprise needs and emerging industry trends.

On the whole, predictive dialers help businesses to optimize call center operations, maximize agent utilization, and customize outbound marketing campaigns. The businesses have options to deploy the predictive dialing solutions in on-premise infrastructure and in the cloud.

They can further choose from a wide range of conventional and sophisticated predictive dialers. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to pick the right predictive dialing software to leverage its benefits over a longer period of time.