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How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Impact The Future Of Mobile Apps?

How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Will Impact The Future Of Mobile Apps?

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

6 min Read

Over the past many years, businesses and startups were facing many challenges in adapting to the new mobile app ecosystem. All businesses whether large or small or startup were facing huge difficulties in making their presence felt in mobile space. Fast forward to 2018 now businesses and startups have built their presence using mobile applications. Furthermore, mobile is not a new thing. The usage, user experience, and features of every mobile application is more or less the same.

Machine learning(ML) is the subset Artificial Intelligence(AI). It analyzes various set of data, builds the analytical model according to the data, and then make predictions. By implementing ML and AI in mobile apps businesses can make sure to provide better user experience to existing mobile app users.

According to, 30% of startups and businesses are thinking of implementing ML and AI into their existing mobile applications.  

The intelligence of an application can be a differentiating factor. With major advancements being made in the machine learning, startups and businesses are now able to add additional capabilities to mobile applications on any platform. Moreover, ML and AI is the next big thing for competition among businesses and startups.

In this post, we will talk about how AI and ML is going to change the future of mobile applications.

  • Omni-Channel Experience

With the increase in number of communication channels, internet which was previously made to target single channel can now target multiple channels at once. Some of these channels include social media reviews, chatbots, websites, web applications, and affiliated networks. Moreover, businesses need to make sure that their customers are getting seamless user experience across various channels.

After that, the data needs to be stored and synchronized at one place so that customer can start their journey from one channel and continue with another. For example, these days user can book tickets online, manage their check-ins using smart watches, and identifying their purchases using integrated biometrics. However, we need an important point to manage these transactions.

Therefore, mobile apps will no longer be the medium for communication. We will see a huge change where all channels are managed separately to create omni-channel experience using mobile apps. This where ML and AI will play an important role.

For example, ECommerce mobile apps will be benefited a lot by this.

  • Cognitive Intelligence 

Modern day mobile apps are not only developed to perform automation tasks only. Moreover, businesses nowadays are focusing on making it smarter so that it can easily understand logics and improve its existing capabilities. Businesses and startups should now focus on using predictive insights to offer smarter app services to their consumers based on their new upcoming requirements. This will be a good option because it will the combination of two most talked about technologies cloud computing and big data analysis.

For instance, these days if you want to book a movie ticket you either use mobile app or browse the website, or sometimes the chatbots. How can ML and AI play an important role to enhance the user experience of the existing mobile apps and not just only limited to booking tickets or doing web check-in.

This is where businesses are coming up with new ideas. The future mobile apps are going to use the consumer data to analyze the user behavior by making the mobile apps more smarter.

For example, Shopping, videos, and music based apps are going to benefited a lot by this as it will help in analyzing the user’s taste and preference.

  • Making Search the Smart and Faster 

These days users are very impatient, they can even wait for one second. This is the reason why speed is one of the most important elements in creating an app user experience. In addition, mobile apps are very smart that it can collect the data of the customer like click through, search history, and sell-through rate etc. After that, startups and businesses manage this data to create user experience on the mobile app. In order to turn the data into profitable experience, ML and AI can help.

ML will help in differentiating the patterns from prediction. Have you ever thought how quick Google’s search prediction are or how ECommerce apps shows the result of the product entered by the users. This is how ML is improving the user experience by making the search results smarter and faster.

  • Detection of Fraud and Security 

Mobile wallets and digital payments are the latest trends in the mobile app world. However, these digital and mobile payments are confined to various security challenges, which businesses and startups need to work out. By using ML and AI models one can easily detect the activities which are fraud, those transactions can be protected. Moreover, ML and AI can also be used in making stock market predictions as well.

In order to make these services secure and fast, ML can be combined with various validation user systems like biometrics to authenticate and identify the processes. Moreover, it is considered as the best option for mobile apps that need good security before any transaction is processed.

  •  Continuous Improvement 

With everyday changing technology and high competition, it is challenging for businesses and startup to stay genuine. Businesses need to make sure that they deliver continuous improved user experience to their customers, IT systems, and processes. For that they need continuous test, create, and evolve. The recent advancement in cloud and AI has made it a lot easier. Moreover, businesses and startups these days cannot rely on current infrastructure to meet the changing requirements of the market.

Moreover, mobile apps will no longer be a forgotten project. It will be continuously adapting to the new changes and preferences of the customers. In addition, real time user insights will help in analyzing user behavior which will enhance the user experience of the application over time.


On the whole, scenario of latest technologies in mobile app development has created a lot of new changes in the thinking process of various businesses, startups and mobile app development companies.  Nowadays businesses are focusing on improving the user experience on one channel to provide smart user experience across various range of channels. Surely technologies like cloud computing, AI, ML, cloud computing, data analysis, IoT, and much more will make it to the list of best trending technologies. However, currently the focus of businesses is to provide the best user experience and not the technology.

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