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How Can We Leverage Blockchain In Real World?

How Can We Leverage Blockchain In Real World?

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

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Blockchain technology has been creating a revolutionary change in various business industries. Merely, blockchain is an open and shared database where a huge amount of computer information can be stored securely for later use.

The name blockchain comes from; the file is made of blocks of data and each block is dependent on the previous block thus forming a chain. The transaction data stored in each block was created or edited. Blockchain technology could not be controlled by any person or entity like other data storing technologies.

The best part of the blockchain is that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere with the help of right cryptography keys. In fact, the decentralized method of storing and accessing data in blockchain ensures security, unlike the centralized database. These are the major reason for the popularity of blockchain technology in recording transactions.

Since cyber crimes are getting increased day by day it is better to take advantage of blockchain in businesses. Go through this article to know how you can leverage the blockchain technology in real World.

BlockChain Powering The Future

Implementation of Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the major industries that should be enhanced to save the lives of people with the help of best technologies. Blockchain is one such technology that paves the experts to innovate new functionalities.

It acts as a powerful and modern tool to exchange data and services, make payments in a secured manner. High-level security and flexibility features of the blockchain technology lead to more opportunities in healthcare.

Distributed Network

In the healthcare industry, blockchain can be used to store bulk amount of patients’ data i.e Electronic Health Records. Blockchain technology works based on the distributed data such that there is a duplication of the chain of information and stored in encrypted form for each user thereby reduce the substitution of original data. It eliminates the chance of DDoS attacks and keeps your data safe from hackers.

To Provide Global Access

With the global access feature of the blockchain technology, the patient can get access to the doctor easily. On the other hand, the doctor can receive data from any part of the World.

To Track Drugs

Blockchain has the ability to solve the counterfeit problem that may happen in the healthcare industry. The transaction occurring between the manufacturer and distributor can be recorded in a chain. When you integrate the blockchain with healthcare you can verify the authenticity of the drug, its manufacturer and its related information.

To Standardize Medical Process

Blockchain technology must be integrated with healthcare in such a way to bring single standard protocols and electronic health records. This paves the way for moving a single international standard for healthcare.

Whatever you implement with blockchain in healthcare technology it should be able to offer treatment and medicine in a cost-effective way.

Implementation of Blockchain In Finance

In the finance sector, blockchain technology act as a center for reducing the chance of forged transaction and enable it to implement a transaction network with a central authorization.

Until now, many financial service providers wondering what blockchain technology will bring to them. Such individuals must understand that they can reap more benefits from the implementation of blockchain technology in finance.

To Improve Share Trading

The financial professionals must implement blockchain to improve the accuracy of the trade and shorter settlement processes.

To Make Smart Contracts

The main benefit of integrating blockchain in finance is to execute commercial transactions and agreements automatically. It greatly helps the financial services to stay away from contract alteration or fraudulent entries.

The financial experts' advice that implementing in the blockchain is better and it is essential to ensure that blockchain network benefits for both your customer and business.

To Make Faster Payments

In traditional finance method, transferring values is an expensive and slow process. This drawback can be rectified with the support of blockchain technology by making cross-border payments. Blockchain technology must be implemented to minimize transaction fees and time while offering the best security.

Implementation of Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is the best way to enhance supply-chain management as it makes use of the distributed public general ledger. The benefit of integrating blockchain in supply chain management is reducing errors, reducing product delays, improve management process and avoid fraudulent activities.

In order to implement blockchain into the supply chain, the organizations must understand and analyze the risks involved in it before starting the process. Then, the professionals should create the best solutions to eliminate those risks with the help of blockchain technology. It is recommended to implement a blockchain solution from smaller week points.

Once you have obtained the best outcome you can continue the further process to resolve other problems in the supply-chain management. Keep in mind that collaboration and scalability process is very important in applying blockchain to supply chain management.

The beneficial features of the blockchain with its decentralized system are very innovative and it paves more opportunities for forward-looking business.

Initially, the business owner should set up an internal company blockchain. The new technology takes some time to accustom the process and you have to wait until the result is obtained. Then, extend the blockchain to add the member such as partners, suppliers and third-party logistics.

You must collaborate with technologists, suppliers, and customers. At last, the availability of data is insured and exchanged, all the supply chain members are integrated into the system even including the end customers.

When you need to increase the profit and improve your business position in the global market you must implement innovative or trending blockchain strategies.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the best ways to leverage blockchain technology in the real World. Obviously, blockchain is the real technology being implemented in various industries across the World.

The implementation of blockchain offers the potential for 70% cost savings on business operations and over 40% cost savings on compliance. Hence, you need to leverage the blockchain technology in real-time to enhance the business in the competitive market. Implement Blockchain Technology In Your Business To Survive In The Global Market Successfully!