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How chatbots are improving the state of healthcare in india

How chatbots are improving the state of healthcare in india

Wednesday September 12, 2018,

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History of Healthcare in India

India’s constitution guarantees free healthcare for all its citizens. By looking at the history of healthcare in India we can say that healthcare has always being one of the most important sectors. India had outstanding hospitals since 273-232 BC and at that time period, the study of medicine was flourishing. During the British era, the construction of hospitals became rapid and now in 21st century private chains of healthcare providers are innovating very rapidly, offering high quality treatment at very low cost.

With the increased development in technology, it has affected almost all the sectors throughout the world. Technology has affected healthcare too, it has changed the way of treatment, disease control, research and lot more.

Technology has not only improved the ways of treatment but is also successful in saving time and cost by better accessibility to more number of people. 

Current Trends

In a document published by Singapore Healthcare Management Congress depicts that currently healthcare is highly affected by the term “mHealth”. 59% says that mHealth has changed how they seek information on health issues and 49% of people expect mHealth to change how they manage their overall health. As the wearable technology is booming rapidly it is estimated that wearable devices make up $3.1b of the entire wellness and fitness market. Tech giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung are continuously in quest of incorporating health IT features into wearable and mobile devices. According to the facts we can definitely predict that the future of healthcare will be tech driven.

Along with the mHealth and wearable technology there is also tremendous growth in the field of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology since last few decades which has also made a lot of difference in healthcare sector.

AI in Healthcare

For instance, few of the AI chatbots like your.md, sensely, buoy health, infermedica have successfully gained people trust by providing them accurate results about their health concerns. This makes us realize how beautifully technology is changing lives for better.

These chatbots have successfully helped millions of people in addressing their health issues and providing them with a proper guidance.

There are countless possibilities where AI assistants can help doctors, nurses and patients for better healthcare, but though its proper implementation makes a lot of difference.

Recently Kauvery Hospital which is one of the renowned multi-speciality hospitals in south india launched a chatbot on its website. The bot helps visitors with the information related to hospital such as departments, doctors, careers, appointment booking and lot more.

Bot is created in Floatbot - chatbot platform and is capable of understanding user queries related to appointment, career, disease etc. and replies accordingly. This helps hospital to save a lot of customer support time. And makes the process very easy for patients. By providing automation in such tasks not only saves time but can be considered as advancement in India’s healthcare sector. 

Every year Indian government launches plenty of healthcare schemes so that the state of healthcare improves in India, which affects to lower and middle class families.

Apollo hospitals which is also one of the super speciality hospitals in India gives a very powerful bot on its website which also provides self-triage for patient medical queries and guide them with suggestions for proper specialists they need to consult. 

Bot can respond to any health related queries, hospital related queries, schedule appointments and lot more. It successfully triage the health issues considering various other symptoms asked during the triage and displays specialists accordingly. It shows the possibilities of specialists in percentage so that the patient comes to know about the type of doctor to visit.

These AI implementations in healthcare shows us how the chatbots are improving the atate of healthcare in India and will be going very far with its use in more number of tasks. It will increase reliability and cost effectiveness to the current scenario of health which proves chatbots to be a boon to mankind.