How does being a Woman impact an individual’s capability to run a business?

How does being a Woman impact an individual’s capability to run a business?

Thursday January 17, 2019,

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Is a woman favored when she does what the patriarchy hungers? Sadly, yes. People still live under the illusion, that a woman looks good behind a stove. The world might be advancing, but gender biases do not seem to leave behind. When women talk about stepping in the world of entrepreneurship, society starts to raise eyebrows instantly. Women are seen telling stories about startups, 90% of these tales initiate with someone questioning their ability. Living in the 21st century does not change the harsh reality of our society.

The world of business has become more robust as time passed. Women have strived hard to be where they are right now. Struggling for equality has not been an easy journey. In every department, the skills of a woman have been questioned. It does not matter, that they went through the same process or got the same degree, as a man. Either SMBs (small business) or bigger business setups, the criteria changes when a woman is behind.

When an individual starts a business, it should not be looked in the light of who is behind it. It is sad that women have set choices to start a business. People see certain areas, where a woman would prosper most. It is becoming old news when people say that a woman can flourish best in the; textile industry, makeup industry, clothing industry, art industry and so on. It is time that women are seen for their real potential, without masking their abilities and placing limits. Stop thinking of women as the weaker gender. Going to the moon, being an engineer, working in the marketing department, doing research, mechanics; name it and women have done it.

Like every woman, I have a story too. Let’s shed light on the issues faced due to gender discrimination, based on my account. I grew up wanting to step into the world of entrepreneurship. The stories about startups that I heard from various strong women inspired me. I wanted to start a company that would help struggling students. Growing up, I always faced difficulty in writing a good essay. So, I decided to initiate a business that will help students with essay writing for cheap.

Time passed by, I grew up and realized that it does not take a lot to become a good writer. A little guideline can help a person go a long way. The primary goal of my online company will be, to provide a perfect outline for the students to do their work. It seemed like an easy target to achieve at the time, but I was wrong. In my journey, I found out that being a specific gender can affect the way one performs in the cooperate sector. It was hard to adjust to this notion, but I stood by my idea from the very start and achieved success. If I can do it, anyone can. It does not matter if one is a man or a woman, it is the determination to do something. If one has the will, there are no boundaries to what can be achieved.

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