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How Goa evolved as a new Startup hub?

How Goa evolved as a new Startup hub?

Monday February 25, 2019,

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Most of the Indians have an illusion that Goa is nothing more than a party hub. It is not that. Though you can have some amazing parties here, Goa has become much more than that. Goa has been successful in attracting some of the greatest talents from different part of country. Consequently, it has proven to be as the new name in startups.

What sets Goa apart is that it has been attracting young entrepreneurs in field that has not usually caught pace in other parts of India. Examples could be given of food processing, clean management, waste management, liquor crafting and fashion. This is what business consultants in Goa have to say.

Two associations are to be credited for the growing investments and entrepreneurship in Goa: Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration (CIBA) and IT Innovation Centre (GITIC). These two incubators have helped Goa achieving its name in the list of most suited places for startups in India.

Let us look at some of the reasons at the recent entrepreneurship development in Goa:

Jervis Pereira is the director of IT Innovation Centre (GITIC) and he said to the press:

“Goa has a strategic location advantage with accessibility via road, rail, sea and airports, which is why entrepreneurs are setting up base here,”

Location is playing an important role in making the place a magnet for the innovative minds. Goa is well connected in terms of road and rail as well as ports. Receiving raw materials here is not an issue.


Amarsh Chaturvedi and Ashwani Rawat were students of IIT Kharagpur. They realized that they can use IT technologies in making Goa a smart place and they started research in taxation, water supply, waste management and sanitation of the state. With a lot effort and legal formalities the due were successful in setting up Transerve in the year 2009.

Though it was established for Goa, they now are working with different clients in Maharashtra, UP and also Tamil Nadu.



Next in line is the well known name in fashion industry, 6Degree. This too is the result of resolute efforts of a duo-Nikhil Hedge and Amit Bhardwaj. They moved to Goa from Hyderabad seeing the avenues Goa offered that other places in India didn’t for fashion based organizations.

Mixing technology with creativity, they established a platform called 6Degree for the young fashion designers and fashion experts as well as for fashion bloggers. Any kind of connection with the fashion industry you have then 6Degree is the right platform for you. They have helped in successfully smashing the illusion of Goa being the place of leisure and parties. 6Degree is now functioning with Lakme Fashion Week and Mysore Fashion Week. Apart from these two they are active partners to many of the fashion initiatives in India.

FleetRover and DCCPER

FleetRover and DCCPER are the two names that are associated with Luke Sequeira who completed his higher education in Canada and was later denied a work permit in Canada. He used his experience in Canada to set up a business line between Canada and India. This he did from Goa.


Oscar de Sequeira Nazareth went to Portugal when he was quite small only to return to establish himself as a young entrepreneur creating the tasteful Armada. He worked as investment banker in UK but creating Armada was a breakthrough in his career. Armada is orange and spice liqueur. He wants to make people understand the basic difference between liquor and liqueur. Currently tagging his bottle INR 840 per piece, this young entrepreneur from Portugal is all ready to get the product in market. He is sure there will be enough buyers of the relatively expensive drink that he has created.

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