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How Home Chefs Make Money Straight From Their Kitchens

How Home Chefs Make Money Straight From Their Kitchens

Friday June 21, 2019,

6 min Read

Today, the exhausting job demands and busy schedules have made cooking an extravagance. As a result, online food ordering has become a prevalent trend among the millennials.

Regardless of the fact that the takeout food satiates their hunger, people continue to crave for home-cooked food. Thanks to this craving, home chefs have gained a vital chance to make money with the launch of an online meal delivery venture.

Home chefs have got the privilege to start their own business because of the advancements and changing dynamics of the food industry. This clearly signifies that they can make money and earn an edge with a feature-loaded, turnkey food delivery solution to launch their own meal ordering and delivery website.

Therefore, if you are on your way to mastering the culinary art, Yo!Meals⁠—a ready-to-launch meal and recipe delivery system⁠—is your go-to platform to start earning huge profit margins.


To start your own online food ordering and delivery business, choose any specific business idea that aligns with your areas of interest, passion, and personal strengths.

To help you out, we have listed a few of the different food delivery business ideas to choose from. Note that each business model is crafted to target different segments of customers. Also, you must undergo a complete competitive analysis before stepping into a specific industry.

The business ideas that are certain to help home chefs make money straight from their kitchens are listed below:

1.Recipe and Ingredients Home Delivery Service

People these days want their food to be healthy, fresh and tasty. Therefore, you can start your online business to deliver your unique recipe and ingredients at the doorstep of food lovers. Parcel bags with the recipe and ingredients to people who are looking for a reliable and convenient way to have healthy food at home. A turnkey online recipe delivery system will help you launch a venture that befits every need for implementing this business idea.

2.Prepared Food Delivery Service

Looking at the varying lifestyles and food consumption habits, prepared food delivery service is one of the most profitable business ideas for home chefs. The culinarians prepare ready-to-consume food for hungry customers, which is delivered piping hot right at their address. It is essential for the chefs to maintain the nutritional sense, presentation and taste of the prepared food to maximize the profit. Running a successful online prepared food delivery venture requires building it on a reliable meal ordering portal.

3. Specialized Food Delivery Service

To feed the diet-conscious people with specialized food demands, it is a great idea to build a niche in the food service industry. Start your specialized food delivery business that offers, for example, diabetic-friendly food diet, food for senior citizens, the paleo diet-based food, gluten-free meals, dairy-free recipes, or protein-rich food. Start your business in a jiffy with a ready-to-launch meal and recipe delivery platform to meet the demands of health freaks and diet-aware customers.

4. Office Food Delivery Service

Home chefs can choose to build an office food delivery service business to explore and close the gap between working professionals and delightful home-cooked foods. Launching an office food delivery service is a lucrative business idea as the demand for delicious food is on the rise in the corporate arena. Home chefs can seize the tremendous opportunities in the office food delivery industry for them by investing in a feature-loaded, profitable meals ordering and delivery system.

5. Online Night Food Delivery Service

Night shifts are trending these days as employees have to work extra hours to meet the requirements of the company they work for. This is why the number of people seeking online food at night is on a continuous rise. In order to meet the increasing food demands of these people, home chefs can launch an online night food delivery business using an efficient, turnkey solution that can be easily customized according to this industry segment.

6. Online Bakery Delivery Service

If you are a pastry chef, an online bakery delivery service is a promising business idea for you. You can make big bucks by offering baked food to people who love fresh products like bread, pastries, cakes, and more such delicacies. It is a great idea to build a better food system that ensures delivery of tasty and fresh bakery products at customers’ doorstep. Indeed, the online bakery delivery business can bring huge returns for home chefs.  

7. Online Food Ordering For Small Parties

No party or meeting is complete without sumptuous cuisines and delicacies. Also, there is little competition in online food ordering for parties/meetings, which is an opportunity in disguise for home chefs to start delivering delectable food for small gatherings, be it a party or a meeting. If you have the catering abilities, this business model is right for you to start your own online portal that offers original recipes while ensuring quick delivery.


Launching their own online chef-crafted meal delivery business can aid entrepreneurs to enhance the profit perimeter. Since the right platform will open multiple revenue channels for them to gain remarkable earnings.

The top four revenue sources that allow home chefs to pull an impressive amount of profits are listed below:

1. Commission

2. Advertisement

3. Affiliate module

4. Subscription

These four revenue models help home chefs make money straight from their kitchens via their own online food delivery venture. A powerful turnkey solution comprises various revenue streams along with exceptional features. The challenge lies in landing the right one, which will let you increase the profit edges extensively.  


After a deep analysis of the websites and business models of leading industry players, I found a few unprecedented, innovative and up-to-date features that a promising meal delivery system must have to ensure the success of your food ordering/delivery business. These features include:

  • Location-based search
  • eWallet
  • Social media sharing
  • Coupons
  • eGifts
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Third-party APIs
  • Email notifications (for vendors, admin as well as customers)
  • Meal catalogue management
  • Subscription management
  • Completely customizable
  • Secure payments


The business models and features discussed above, if embedded efficiently into an innovative meal ordering marketplace solution to build a lucrative food delivery business, can help home chefs make big bucks.

Yo!Meals is a feature-rich online turnkey recipe and meals delivery solution that has the potential to meet your niche business requirements. The fully customizable, ready-to-launch solution is an ideal choice for chefs to make potential earnings and accelerate their business growth.

With this future-proof platform, starting your online food delivery store and collaborating with other chefs is a cinch.