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How is AI Augmenting the efficiency of Legacy ERP solution for the Manufacturing Industry?

How is AI Augmenting the efficiency of Legacy ERP solution for the Manufacturing Industry?

Wednesday December 19, 2018,

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There was a time when the manufacturing industry felt crippled due to process inefficiencies, which the legacy systems failed to mitigate. This called the need for a system that can do away with the inefficiencies by streamlining processes.

It is the time manufacturing industry re-evaluate their existing ERP’s.

To keep pace with the evolving manufacturing industry, businesses require a robust ERP solution for the manufacturing industry, which could render the desired flexibility. Building a powerful platform that integrates AI with the ERP will fill the existing gap between the existing manufacturing processes and evolving customer requirements.

AI with ERP implementation
AI with ERP implementation

Bridging the gaps

Artificial intelligence and machine learning when integrated to a legacy ERP offers a powerful solution that renders manufacturing organizations with the ability to make smart decision,

Let us understand what areas AI is going to address:

Forecasting Product Manufacturing Issues

Quality assurance has always been a soft spot for the manufacturing industry. With an ERP system in place, a set procedure to perform quality checks had to be followed. As AI finds way into the existing system, a better visibility of potential product issues can be predicted so that corrective measures are undertaken way before the product hits the commercial market.

Pricing Accuracy

Pricing products accurately has been a gigantic problem for manufacturers. With expanding markets and the parameters that impact the pricing structure, the need for an intelligent system h that can enhance the existing functionalities of ERP is much required. An Oodo ERP Solution integrated with AI allows manufacturers to create a near accurate pricing basis the inputs shared by an automated ERP system. This has helped manufacturers stays competitive..

Derive value out of existing Data

Manufacturing operations generate a lot of data and this data is very useful for building predictive models for ensuring greater operational efficiency. With an AI integrated system in place, data patterns can be identified thus providing useful insights for better decision making. The data generated over ERP provides an intelligent customization of reports and flag issues even before the reports are read out by experts.

Controlled production schedules

Production schedules are very time sensitive. An AI integrated ERP solution can help manufacturing businesses can keep a track of peripheral activities that may impact the production schedules. In fact, with such a solution in place red flags could be raised timely while notifying the production teams who can take care of the administrative challenges.

Improved Equipment Effectiveness

Many manufacturing organizations claim 77% improvement in up time with OODO Open ERP. When such powerful ERP’s are integrated with AI, the equipment effectiveness is increased as the run hours, extra machine hours and other such parameters that impact the equipment effectiveness are monitored intelligently. 

Seamless Regulatory Compliance

 Manufacturing industry has always remained under a strict set of regulatory guidelines. Maintaining compliance turns out to be a major headache. While legacy ERP’s are already taking care of compliance, the Artificial intelligence aspect ensures higher accuracy in audits, monitored quality control and reports that ensure the compliance parameters are always taken care of.

Final word

Since, artificial Intelligence and machine learning have the ability to automate the existing ERP system, businesses that are part of the manufacturing industry can expect better process and operational efficiency.

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