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    Copyright Registration: Complete Process & Validity

    By Akash Kumar|5th Jun 2019
    Copyright Registration is very important to protect ownership of your creative work. lets have a look to the copyright registration process & How long it valid.
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    Copyright registration provides the privilege of legal ownership to the real owner of their creative work. It is an intellectual property right under which no one can use the registered work without the permission of the owner. Let us know more about copyright registration with our today’s blog.

    What is Copyright registration?

    Copyright registration under the Copyright Act, 1957 ensures that the creative work of the author cannot be imitated by the outside person without the permission of the owner. Under this, author has full rights to charge other people for using his work or modifying it according to them. It not only safeguards the rights of the creator but also provides a legal protection to the registered work. Enterslice team can help you in getting copyright for your creation with 100% cash back guarantee.

    What things can be registered under Copyright Act?

    Following things can be protected under copyright law:

    ·      Dramatic works including scripts for dramas and films

    ·      Artistic works including painting, photographs, etc.

    ·      Published editions

    ·      Broadcasts on Radio and Television

    ·      Literary works included written books, website and computer programs

    ·      Films, movies and telefilms

    ·      Recorded sounds

    ·      Musical work including melodies.

    What is the process for copyright registration in India?

    One has to follow the below given steps to get the copyright registration in India:

    1 - Registration of the User:

    First of all the user needs to register themselves on the government website. After the registration user will get a login ID and password.

    2 - Filing the Application for Copyright Registration:

    After obtaining the password and id one can file the application for registration. As per the rules application is made in form XIV along with the registration fee. If required, applicant has to enclose the power of attorney. It must be signed by the party and accepted by the advocate.

    3 - Submission Of The Application:

    Once all the required documents are attached, applicant can submit the application to the DD/IPO. On submission of the application, applicant receives a dairy number.

    4 - Issuance Of Registration Certificate:

    If all goes well the authority will issue the registration certificate after the approval. The whole process takes around 2-3 months.

    What are the details required for copyright registration?

    Following are the details you need to submit along with the application:

    Personal details of the applicant:

    Personal details include:

    ·      Name

    ·      Address

    ·      Nationality of Applicant

    One should also mention whether he is the owner or the representative of the work.

    Nature of the work:

    One has to provide description of the work including class, title and language of the work. In case of website one has to give the URL.

    Date of the publication:

    If possible one has to mention the date of the publication.

    What is the validity of copyright registration?

    Once the work is registered, it is valid till lifetime of the author and plus 70 years after the death of the owner.

    Conclusion: Copyright is the intellectual property protection right. It is an exclusive right granted to the owner that protects his work from being exploited, copied, or misused. Only the owner of the registered work has the right to use the work and can earn money by selling his work to other people. copyright registration has various benefits for his owner as it provides legal protection to his work, restricts the unauthorized usage of his work, helps him to earn money by selling his copyright work and provides global protection to his work. One can do copyright registration by themselves or take the help of an expert. Enterslice team of expertise is always there to help their client in the registration process by filling the registration application in prescribed format on the behalf of the applicant.