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How Mindfulness Can Increase Work Productivity?

A lot of people have their thoughts governed by either past or future events. It is vital to live in the present because then only your actions will lead to fruitful outcomes. The act of mindfulness enables us to be aware of our own thoughts and live in the present moment.

How Mindfulness Can Increase Work Productivity?

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

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We all put our efforts to augment productivity at work but have you ever thought that just being a little mindful will lead to a lot of difference. Off late, mindfulness has turned into a fashionable activity. If you are not watching what you are doing, you are not into it. It has become hugely vital to infuse focused awareness in whatever you do. In simple words, just be conscious of what you do and then the magic begins.

A lot of people have their thoughts governed by either past or future events. It is vital to live in the present because then only your actions will lead to fruitful outcomes. The act of mindfulness enables us to be aware of our own thoughts and live in the present moment. This is a habit which we need to nurture as the natural tendency of the mind is to stray towards what will happen next. All those who practice mindfulness retrain their thoughts from meandering into nowhere. It actually helps to slow down and be in the moment. When you just sit and ponder you will automatically get directions where to move ahead. Just practice mindfulness daily and you will see a huge amount of difference in your levels of productivity both at work and your personal life.

Work Productivity

Given below are some of the ways how mindfulness enhances work productivity:

1. Doing Work in a better way

Undoubtedly, the most apparent way mindfulness improves our productivity is by enabling us to do better work. The base of mindfulness is attention training and when you focus on something in a full-hearted way it will obviously lead to superior outcomes. It is extremely vital to open up your eyes and see what you are doing, and then only you will find ways to make it better.

As per research, it has been seen that mindfulness enhances our ability to direct more attention to something and be less distracted. When we put mindfulness into anything we will be able to see measurable improvements in just a span of 5 days. The capability to direct our attention to something without being distracted enables us to complete tasks quickly and more precisely.

2. Helps to handle stress better

Stress is a quintessential part of our work lives. With mindfulness, you will able to cope up with stress in a better way and this will undoubtedly make you more productive at work. In so many cases it has been observed that stress actually causes a lot of fall-outs. When you are able to handle problems with an open mind and approach, the results are definitely better.  Mindfulness without any doubts makes us more resilient to stressful situations. You know where your efforts are leading to and this makes you handle situations effectively.

3. Impact on the immune system

Mindfulness enhances the immune system. And without doubt, we perform better when we are healthy and not feeling burned out. With as less as 8 weeks of mindfulness training, the body begins to act more productively. An experiment was done on US Marines. Mindfulness training enabled them to stay fitter and healthier. So, this, in short, leads to more productivity at the workplace.

4. Making Better Decisions

A very important component of productivity at the workplace is the ability to make better decisions. This is only possible when we are not biased due to our conditioning of mind or emotional state. A person can be extremely talented as well as smart, but poor decisions can severely mar his/her performance. Mindfulness training enables us to set free from any kind of conditioning or biases which can lead to poor decisions.

Improved performance is an outcome of better decision making and this is clearly an indicator of your mindfulness.

5. Packing too many things is not equivalent to be productive

There are several people who seem to be doing a lot of things during their day. They always seem to be busy but then the business cannot be equated with being productive. On the contrary, with mindfulness, you can actually trim down the hours you need to devote to work. A productive person does the same or even more amount of work in the same duration and this is because of his/her better focus.

6. Enhanced clarity

Mindfulness offers enhanced clarity and that is a prime ingredient for productivity.  When you are clear with what you want to achieve half the battle is won. Mindfulness helps to avoid the trap of doing unnecessary tasks. There are certain tasks which appear important but can be delegated. It is very important to avoid distractions at work so that vital tasks receive your short shrift. Spending even a few focused hours at work can lead to unbelievable outcomes.

7. Helps to plan better

When you know about the ‘to do list’ you will easily find ways how to do so. This will help you create better plans and as a result, achieve better productivity. You stay grounded. When you know what you are required to do in present, it will make you perform better in the future.

Wrapping up

So, this is how mindfulness assists in enhancing the work productivity. The main aim of any business establishment is churning bigger revenues and this is only possible if you work with complete mindfulness. Mindfulness training is a way to rise up the corporate ladder. Channelize your energies on what is wanted and you will see how things change for good.

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