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How Negative Keywords can help in driving PPC Ad Success?

Getting to know the significance of negative keywords in a PPC ad campaign.

How Negative Keywords can help in driving PPC Ad Success?

Wednesday March 13, 2019,

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Paid search marketing has been a massive trend for online businesses. When you are particular about your PPC campaigns then your need to focus on some major aspects. And when it comes to creating a PPC plan then keywords retain the uttermost importance. However, you also need to ensure that only the best PPC management services can help in this matter.

When it comes to improving the performance of your campaign, you need to sort out keywords. It will require a whole new strategy in which you follow these steps:

  • Search the trending phrases
  • Matching the most searched phrases with your site’s keywords
  • Categorizing long-tail and word-specific keywords
  • Refine old keywords
  • Separate negative keywords

Now you have to understand that negative keywords also play a major role in your keyword strategy. They are very useful to increase the relevancy of your ad group and improve its progress throughout the PPC campaigns.

What are the Negative keywords exactly?

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In order to start your paid search campaign, you need to start assigning the types of phrases that users search the most. And these phrases will make your ads appear on search engines. Undoubtedly, you need to be specific on your keyword strategy and target the keyword group on the basis of your site relevancy.

As the name suggests, negative keywords are defined to be completely different from the targeted keywords. These phrases are very useful when you follow the guidelines of Google AdWords. In general, these phrases are those on which searched terms not appear any result.

According to Google, if a keyword prevents your display ad to be showcased on the search results. Even if the audience is applying those keywords, your ads will not appear which can result in a negative match. So, it is necessary to make a list of these keywords and include them in your strategy.

Searching negative keywords

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This essential step is not necessary if your ad campaign is running quite consistently. However, once you know the exact concept behind these negative keywords you will know which phrases can be risky for your campaigns and which ones can become the main assets for your ad campaigns.

Here some steps to start your hunt for these keywords:

  • First, analyze your site and mark the keywords on which your site depends. Categorize them separately as they are being utilized for the campaigns.
  • Make sure that all of them are in use because even a single keyword can enhance the performance of your campaign.
  • Apart from them, you need to brainstorm ideas in which you can use variations as well. For instance, ‘best smartphone in India’ can be varied as ‘Best smartphones India’.

When you separate these randomly used keywords, you will get a list of some phrases on which you might not get attention from the search audiences. These will be the keywords which will make sure your ads are not getting affected by inappropriate phrases or search results.

Running your PPC campaigns is quite simple but you need to have a strong keyword planning to control CPC and ROI. Being the best PPC management company, IQ InfoTech has result-oriented solutions for your PPC plan. Just follow this essential guide and you will get the right path to make your campaign perform well.