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How Payroll Software can benefit your employees?

Below are the key features of smart software for payroll:

How Payroll Software can benefit your employees?

Thursday January 10, 2019,

4 min Read

Payroll software

Payroll software

Making policies of Human resources (HR) and implementing them among employees is one of the most important jobs of an HR professional. HR professionals should be very careful while crafting the policies for the employees. There are chances, legal issues creep into the picture. To help and regulate such issues and to make it a transparent environment between the HR & the employees, the solution is Payroll Software. It ensures the smooth functioning of HR policies and maintaining records of employee leaves, salary, special rewards, incentives etc.

Employee Records: Keep records of your employee securely on the software. This will eliminate the need to carry hard copies of the documents like certificates, address proof, identity proof. This even benefits your employees, they can access their identity proof when needed from the portal.

Automatic Law Update: A professional legal team keeps a keen eye on the regular amendments in the law structure and update it timely on the portal. It makes the environment transparent for HR as well as  employees.

Easy-to-use: Companies has designed the software according to the requirement of the employees. We believe a happy employee makes a happy company. The interface is quite user-friendly and all the menus option are right there in front of you. It is easy to understand and easy to access.

Bio-metric Integration: Manual intervention is not a good idea when we wish to track in and out time of the employees. Therefore, a payroll software integrated with bio-metric software via SQL, MS Access, Text or Excel is a plus point.

Excel Import: This feature enables you to access the attendance of the employee in an excel format.

Manual Attendance: Employees can keep a track of their attendance, mention miss-punch, apply for leaves and short leaves.

Overtime and shift management: Keeping a record of multiple shifts, over-time, out-duty is more easy and effective in HR software. It is beneficial for HR professionals to calculate the leaves, bonus and deductions at the time of salary disbursement.

Multiple leaves management: Earn Leave, Casual Leave, Short leave, Medical Leave etc. could be maintained in the portal according to the HR policies of the company. The employee can check the allotment of leaves, approval or rejection of leaves, carry forward leaves and lapse etc.

Multiple salary structure management: Manage various types of salary structure as per the company policies.

Bifurcation of employee: The employee records can be maintained on the basis of a branch, category, designation, department, and grade. This will create a crystal clear hierarchy structure of the company. The provision of creating reporting heads is also an added advantage.

Arrears and increment: HR professional can access the feature and calculate the increments and arrears according to the employee performance. Also, the bonus payment options according to government rules and generating reports on the same.

Birthday and Anniversary management: It allows the HR team to keep a track on the birthday and anniversary dates of the employee and send wishes to them. This keeps your employee happy and helps build relations with the employee. Making your employee feel good is the best thing a company can do.

CTC Management: Maintaining Cost-To-Company is much effective in the software. The organizations can maintain the cost of each employee at one place and can generate concerned MIS reports.

Salary sheet and payslips: The HR software for payroll generates monthly and yearly salary reports in easily accessible formats like Quick view, Excel etc. Personal or professional emailing of generated payslips can be done at one go.

Payroll Compliance: You can generate the Provident Fund (PF) reports, online return ECR and upload them directly on the PF site. All reports on Employee State Insurance (ESI) as per government standards are available on the Software. Other tax reports to be deducted or applied according to state government are there on the portal.

Assests Management: HR department can easily and efficiently maintain the records of the assets given to the company employee at one place. In case any issues arise, or the employee leaves the company, the HR professionals can refer to the database and demand the assets back in the same condition it was given.

Payroll Software makes the task much easier for the HR team, to keep a record of even the smaller things. This ensures the smooth functioning of the organization and help in building good employee company relations.