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Top 10 Best CRM Software Tools around the world

Here is the list of top 10 best CRM software tools that are globally used were carefully chosen based on their usability, capabilities and features.

Top 10 Best CRM Software Tools around the world

Friday March 15, 2019,

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Best Crm software

Companies have bigger possibilities to become successful if they create successful long-term connections with their clients. Customer relationship management (CRM) takes on this part by improving business & accomplishing their goal by connecting best practices and technology, with the latter covered in a software package. That combination consists of CRM tools with different features and capabilities all provided to help you to know your clients and their needs.

Here is the list of 10 best CRM software tools that were carefully chosen based on their usability, capabilities, features and other factors. These CRM software’s have top rated in our evaluation and reviews.


Best CRM Software

IPIX CRM is one of the best CRM software solutions for small business, medium sized & large business and startups. IPIX CRM is a software by the tech giant named IPIX Tech Services in India headquartered in Dubai, UAE & also branches in USA also. IPIX CRM is one of the globally used popular advanced CRM software with affordable cost for all type of business. It is a cloud-based solution which provides the team members to access information, communicate and collaborate regardless of the time and place. The CRM software is a cloud-based, centralized application and the team can understand the projects and client needs easily, even via their mobile.

This product is fully customizable and it can be used in different types of industries. It has the unique feature of allowing uploading of documents – not something you see in CRM software’s usually. This product gives complete integration with other third party software’s like project management software, biometrics, HR management solutions or anything else. Like any good CRM software, the product allows you to understand and learn more about your clients – showing them that you are really concerned about them. This way you can give better service to clients.

Contact: https://www.ipixtechnologies.com/customer-relationship-management.html

2. Hubspot CRM

CRM SOftware

HubSpot CRM is a CRM software tool developed in USA which has functionalities includes company database, social media, drag-and-drop communicator, customized views & phone, website and email integration. You can get started with this software instantly and need not to modify your current workflow. This software gives the necessary basic features and does not disturb users with complicated links. For these reasons, it is proper for small and large size businesses in any industry.

With HubSpot CRM, you can build a complete contact and company profiles as the program makes all data obtained from clients in touch with you. It gives a single dashboard that your group members can access to stay updated on business activities. One of the main benefits is you can connect this product to all the areas where you manage your sales process.

Contact: https://www.hubspot.com/products/crm

3. SalesForce Essentials

crm in usa

Salesforce Essentials, which is another best CRM software developed by a cloud-based software development company in USA which enables you to track all client details in one place so that you can nurture more goals. You can use its main modules such as marketing automation, sales data, partner management and contact manager to follow the leads and turn them into valuable deals. One of the highlights is your group can use this app to be productive in the office. The mobile apps for iOS and Android allow real-time information from dashboards.

The Contact Manager module allows a full view of client details such as discussions, communications and activity history. With the Sales Collaboration module, you can follow sales data and seek for information. The Reports and Dashboards functionality enables you to collect data for reporting and analysis.

Contact: https://www.salesforce.com/in/crm/

4. Freshsales

crm in india

Freshsales is a single CMS that you can use to manage many leads. The product allows the standard tools of CRM solutions. The product have advanced features combine affiliate management, call recording, call routing and auto-dialers.

The product not only takes leads but also supports you to verify and distribute them using various communication channels. Your sales representative can handle the email tracking to obtain whether their emails have been opened or not. Another benefit is you can follow previous discussions with your prospects and can use them to plan/prepare future communication.

Contact: https://www.freshworks.com/freshsales-crm/

5. Zoho CRM

best crm software in usa

Zoho CRM is one of the best CRM software from software development company Zoho’s stable in India. You can utilise this web-based CRM to serve your clients and increase your business. Main features includes: lead and contact management, purchase control, sales pipeline management, sales force automation etc. These tools are perfect for sole entrepreneurs and small companies as well as medium-size companies.

With Zoho CRM, you can follow sales, automate routine business duties, and engage clients on various platforms. The app turns website users into leads and imports prospects from events such as seminars, trade shows, and direct emails. The Opportunity Tracking tool tells you, where the client is in the buying stage as well as contact history, deal size, and competitor profile. You can use this data to generate targeted messages.

Contact: https://www.zoho.com/crm/

6. Pipedrive

best crm uae

Pipedrive is another great CRM tool for sales and a strong software on our list of 10 best CRM software tools. It makes your leads in a way that provides you a clear overview of your sales method and enables you to concentrate on important sales.

You can use this software effectively to maintain your business sales. In fact, you can change modules on and off as per your wants without any effect on your quality of service. Key features add sales reporting, timeline view, export, contact history & email integration.

Contact: https://www.pipedrive.com/

7. InfoFlo

crm india

InfoFlo is a completely integrated, simple to use CRM software intended to help SMBs manage their contacts, sales relationships, and all associated information such as emails, calls, meetings and proposals. It allows a full contact management solution with features for tracking and automatically combining all relevant data about your contacts and clients to observe your past and present sales and communications with them. It is capable to gather CRM data in a single place either on cloud or on your servers for fast access. This supports you in lead tracking to get the best and most qualified leads.

Contact: https://www.pipedrive.com/

8. amoCRM

crm in uae

amoCRM is a cloud-hosted, messaging-based CRM software which allows full combination with messaging apps so your salespeople can quickly respond to and control leads anytime from any location. It comes with an automated digital feature that clarifies important processes including lead performance tracking, sales analytics and email integration. You get an overall look of your whole sales process, enabling you to keep tab of sales health and your group to concentrate on sales targets.

amoCRM is able to connect all your communication tools and channels, allowing your salespeople to use the tools they need at any time. All communications and history of contact engagements are saved in a centralized feed for easy analyzing.

Contact: https://www.amocrm.com/

9. vCita CRM

crm india

vCita is a full cloud solution that makes you all the tools you need to control contacts, clients, and business process. It offers features for lead generation, email marketing, client management and collaboration. With this platform, you get functionalities to handle CRM, booking, marketing and appointments. These features make vCita an all-around software that is perfect for small size business and professional services providers.

vCita CRM provides you one app for all your customer interactions. Data relating to your leads, contacts, and customers are saved in one secure cloud location that you can quickly access. vCita combines with over a dozen third-party apps.

Contact: https://www.vcita.com/software/client_management_software

10. Bpm’online CRM

crm usa

Bpm’online CRM is a different tool because it consolidates customer data with business process management tools. With this software, you can organise the activities of your sales, marketing, and customer support. One of the highlights is the dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) implemented to support businesses maximize the software’s features and capabilities. The vendor allows separate modules for sales, marketing, and service. You can connect all three modules into one bundle and get a quote for it.

Contact: https://www.bpmonline.com/