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How Profitable are Android Apps to the Developer and Your Business?

How Profitable are Android Apps to the Developer and Your Business?

Thursday August 08, 2019,

8 min Read

Living in this era of online trends and technology you all will be very well aware of the Android app development. With the invention of the new trends, mobile development and mobile marketing have achieved industries huge success. 

Talking about Android, you all know, is a popular mobile operating system. Developed by Google it is created by using modified versions of Linux Kernel and other open-source software. With time and development today it is popularise with various different versions. Initially, it was designed only for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While later on, it registered its name in game consoles, televisions, cars and even in wearables like wristwatches with the specialised user interface.

Introduction of new mobile operating systems and types of mobile devices gave birth to various mobile app developers.  

After Android, there were many new OS developed but the market for Android mobile apps kept on flourishing day by day. Google Play Store is the largest app store having a number of apps. In this huge population over the globe, more than 60% are Android users. If you’ll take a survey you’ll find today most of the business population have turned their way into mobile app development.  

Increase Revenue Through Apps

Applications are a great deal of business today and you cannot deny it. Today business companies introducing their own apps are earning large rate of revenues. If you'll take the survey you will know gaming apps dominating the list of top-grossing apps have impressed everyone with its daily increasing revenues. 

Although many of the gaming apps are free, the real money is made through in-app purchases. Designing and making apps that fit your business needs and requirements not only helps companies sell their services easily but also helps them generate a number of customers each day. 

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Here’s a list of benefits and potential ways of how mobile apps are profitable for developers and business.

Faster Development

Android business app helps you give your competitors a competitive edge. Providing an easy integration of desired features it helps you facilitate quicker development. Experienced developers can create Android apps in very less time. Thus, with a reduced time to market (TTM) if you desire to make any changes in your app you can quickly do it.

Good Availability

Mobile apps provide its users greater availability and accessibility than the web pages. To use mobile apps you need to first install them on your smartphone. Which further provides you its availability to use it anytime and anywhere you want. Hire android developers to create a personalized app for your business to see the great number of audience in lesser time. 

Higher ROI

Being an open-source software Android’s software development kit (SDK) is readily available for developers. Without spending much you can create and cover all the phases of its development cycle - designing, development, testing, and deployment. After paying the one-time registration fee of application, developers can leverage any computer device to build and test product for their smartphones. 

Thus gaining a higher return on investment within low-cost Android apps ensures you an increased and interactive user engagement all over the world. 

Customer Support

Using the Android mobile app customers can easily get in touch with companies. Being in constant communication they can easily approach the brands and service companies. It brings more customer trust in your products and services. Providing easy availability and accessibility you can easily target your customer audience. 

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Reduces Marketing Costs

Using mobile apps you can freely use the necessary marketing tools to market your services. Instead of spending a large sum of money on traditional and other marketing ways you can easily use mobile apps to send push notifications. Along with helping the customers to inform about your products you can re-invite them to increase the activity of your app. Taking much less time and money it helps you reach a larger number of audience. 


The android app comes with several additional and in-built security features. Providing its user's safety and reliability against all the malware and viruses. Thus providing enough protection and privacy it helps businesses define the right approach throughout its lifecycle. 

App Sales

Use of mobile apps provides you a lot many advantages to increase your sales and profitability. With its easy access, customers can easily make the purchases without getting restricted with any kind of time limit. You can show various ads and offers in your app through which customers can easily get into influence and make purchases. Once the customers got attracted they can even start paying for your apps. 

Customer Experience

A business runs good enough only when it is popularised amongst its customers. No doubt websites are great in bringing a larger audience but they somehow lack the ability to attract its customers. Mobile apps designed with personalised designs, screen, images, and features end up giving customers visual satisfaction. Applications having quick access to features like calling, camera, GPS, etc make mobile apps more likeable among customers.  

Builds Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps are helpful when it comes to customers and making purchases. It is a powerful tool used for generating repeat customers. You can use various tactics like providing rewards and discounts to customers on every purchase. Coupons and discounts encourage customers to spend more time on the app. 

Scope for Innovation

Android platform offering multiple tools and features can help you innovate something new. Using technological advancements you can develop various new solutions. Android app provides you wide scope for innovation which helps you open various doors of new opportunities. 


It is easy to customise an Android app according to the needs and requirements of your business. The customised mobile app gives your business more benefits as you can design it according to the user's needs and preferences. Experimenting with the creativity of developers, Android gives various options to its developers to make the best use of it. 

Categories of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be categorised into two divisions - either you create an app which is freely available or else you design an app that is solely created to earn income. A simple example of free apps is - gaming applications. People download the app that looks interesting and creates impressions. 

However, in the next case, you create and sell products and services through your app. You can create any kind of app depending on the buyer's needs and choice. For example, it can be a gaming app, book app, music app, etc. These apps are created to serve a specific purpose and earn profit and the success depends upon the number of people you are targeting. 

Mobile App Development is Worth?

Mobile app development not only helps you in earning the profit factors but also makes your life and work easier. However, if you are developing a mobile app for the sake of earning money you need to know all the tricks and regulations. Take your time to think about the product or services and then move to the development process. 

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Do Small and Independent Developers make Money through Android Apps?

With Android’s increased popularity and rich set of features, any independent developer can easily earn a profit. Today you can find a number of Android apps in the Google Play Store offering free games and services. With increased efforts and experience, it is easy for developers to earn projects and good clients. 

Android provides its users with enough flexibility, scalability, simplicity, and security to get one-stop solutions. Other than personal apps, Android apps help you establish a different work profile. Providing enough security services Android apps enable your company to secure all the critical data by restricting the access in case of phone loss or theft. 

Android features provide its developers the benefit to design apps as per the business requirements. It also allows companies to choose devices and APIs of their choice from a range of options.

Is Android app development Profitable for Independent Developers and Business people or Companies?


Today a large number of companies are investing in the Android apps to promote and sell their products. Making money through app advertisements and app sales help companies or businesses earn a high Return on Investment.

Thus achieving the specific target for your companies Android apps help you streamline your business process with improved efficiency. Therefore you can easily see how Android app development is beneficial for both individuals and business companies. 


There are numerous ways through which Android apps can earn you profitability. You can design, create and develop your own ideas through Android apps to earn good ROI on your investments. 

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