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Dynamics 365 Remote Assistance and Product Visualization in mixed reality apps

Dynamic 365 cloud-based advanced ERP and CRM enterprise system.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assistance and Product Visualization in mixed reality apps

Tuesday April 09, 2019,

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Dynamic 365 is a cloud-based advanced ERP and CRM enterprise system which build for maximum flexibility and extensibility. It is neither an ERP or CRM product but a combination of both of the products that have features from both of them. The vision of the developers when building this system is to find the customization one needs in the app source.

The editions of Dynamic 365

The developers of this enterprise system want to mainly incorporate this system into two different systems based on the requirement of the field in which they want to incorporate this system. These editions are:-

•   Dynamic 365 Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 Services

This edition has 6 modules. These modules are:-

•   Finance and operations

•   Sales

•   Marketing

•   Customer services

•   Project service

•   Field service

•   Dynamic 365 Business Edition

It has 3 modules. These modules are:-

•   Finance and operations

•   Sales

•   Marketing


Dynamic 365 brings a lot of features to the windows as well as mobile devices whichever the system used. These features include:

•   App modules

It is the best and highly celebrated characteristic of Dynamics 365. It allows the user to create a collection of apps or business process flows and then to use apps without limit throughout the platform.

•   Site map designer

This feature enables the user to generally design as well as edit the maps without the need for third-party developers or designers.

•   Relationship insight

It tracks and records all of the given user’s communication and interactions with the customers.

•   Relevance search

It enables users to find matches for words or key phrases based on relevance. Dynamics 365 can power the database searches with a powerful and intelligent search engine. It processes the queries very quickly and gives instant output based upon the queries asked by the users.

•   Mobile capabilities

Building upon a mobile platform that allowed for calendars, timelines and video players the system has added workspaces, layouts, colors, editable grids, tracking and work task flows.

•   Dynamics 365 for outlook

It enables greater connection and integration with outlook. It can display recipient lists, related records, and new records and can enable any templates or attachments. It makes the data integration process easy and user-friendly.

•   Visual Process Designer

It allows users to create business process flows, business rules and tasks flows. The designer provides timers, suggestion bubbles and the ability for users to affect the workflows directly.

•   Editable Grids

The users can now make in-line edits in both the desktop as well as the mobile version. It enables within columns rather than opening accounts to make information changes.

•   Learning Paths

They are a series of videos, how-to-documents, guided tasks that allow users to learn how to use Dynamics 365 through interactive resources.

•   Integration

Enables full dashboards from Power BI to embed in Dynamics 365's database. It allows users to perform analytical analysis of the data they have received in real time.

Remote assist feature of Dynamics 365

It is a new feature specially made for dynamics 365 which empowers technicians to solve problems faster the first time. With heads-up, hands-free video calling on HoloLens. Technicians can now collaborate remote users on an OC or mobile device to troubleshoot issues in context.

Requirements needed for Remote Assist feature

There are mainly three types of requirements before remote assist could use. These requirements include:-

•   Device requirements

•   Hololens whose OS requirement is 10.0.14393.0 or later

•   Windows 10 PC

•   Licensing and product requirement

•   Remote assist

•   Azure active directory

•   Dynamics 365 for Service

•   Networking requirement

The commended bandwidth for the ideal performance of remote support is 1.5 MB/s. Although audio/video calls include with reduced bandwidth, anyone can experience the downturn of HoloLens, which will limit its user experience.

Product visualization in dynamics 365

Having a product visualize account is as seamless as logging into a user’s current Dynamics 365 for sales account with active azure directory credentials. This feature of dynamics 365 makes locating 3D content one wants to share with someone a simple task with the features it incorporates.

The need for Remote Assist and Product Visualization features

Remote assist enables the user to find the user to easily be able to contact with the experts in case of a problem arises in their dynamics 365 application. It also helps new users who do not have much experience in using such software such as mixed reality (MR) and active reality (AR) to understand how the system works through the eyes of the expert. When this system launch in 2015 the developers hadn’t thought about how much this system would get famous especially with the rise of MR and AR that this feature incorporated into their systems.

In the case of product visualization, there are many applications in the system and are searching for large files like 3D content, which may be difficult for the MR, especially because the need for product visualization has arisen.

Inclusion of remote assist and product visualization into the dynamics 365 and mobile devices was an important step taken by the developers to make the users time of using these products more easier, happier, including more fun and people were more easily able to fully use the features of dynamics 365 completely without having to go through procedures, again and again, to see the system works. This decision by the community of developers has proved to be a big milestone and has attracted enterprises towards more use of the latest and advanced technologies.