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6 cool websites to visit when you need small break from your work

It is very usual to get tired in your nine to five jobs and sometimes you need a quick diversion to refresh your mind. Here we have listed some cool websites which can help you to take small break from your work

6 cool websites to visit when you need small break from your work

Wednesday June 06, 2018,

2 min Read

1 - xkcd.com

It is one of most popular webcomic site started by Randall Munroe. You can easily get idea about the site from its tagline - "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language". His comics are mostly stick figures and based around geeky content. If you like geeky stuff then this one is definitely for you.


2 - Two Min Fun

As the name suggests, this site is for the people who want quick interesting stuff. It mostly contains Picture Puzzles, Number Puzzles, Quiz Questions and Small Jokes.

Find six differences between the two pictures<br>

Find six differences between the two pictures

3 - Gaana.com

This is a music streaming website. They have around 25 million songs. If you are a fan of Indian music then you will like this site. The best thing about this site is that it contains the regional language songs also. You can make your own playlist and share it with your friend also.

4 - Terriblytinytales.com

One another most interesting website to visit for quick break. If you like stories but does not have that much time or patience to read the whole stories, then you will love this site. This site helps user to create short stories within limited number of letters. The stories are small but they will have a great impact on you for sure.


5 - Quora.com

You probably have already visited this site for various queries. It is one of the best Question and Answer site. You will find questions related to any topics. You can visit the site and search for the most popular questions asked around a topic. Or you can share your expertise to help other people also.

6 - Pointlesssites.com

This site lists the most useless websites. They have a list of hundreds of point less sites which are noting but good for fun. You can browse the sites listed there or vote the websites.

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