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How software industry revolution is changing our lives?

The software development industry is changing our lifestyle drastically. Let's read about the major impacts that the software industry has brought into our daily life.

How software industry revolution is changing our lives?

Wednesday June 12, 2019,

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Revolutions are the only way of an uprising as well as the evolution of everything. It is one of those necessities which is inevitable in human history as well as present-day occurring.

From the politics of the nation to the parenting of a child, revolution is a vital part of every growth. There are very few things that help and affect the progress of every arena in this world simultaneously.

Digital Revolution in the software industry has come a long way since the past few decades. It affects the lives of software industry players as well as of every individual living in society.

Since the development of the first software by Ada Lovelace, our software industry has developed millions and trillions of software until today. We have an ever-growing demand and availability of developers as well.

According to Evans Data Corporation, which conducts an in-depth survey of the software industry and the global developer population, there were around 21 million developers in 2017 and has reached up to 23 million in 2018. An image describing their findings is given below:

software industry

The very reason behind the tremendous and constant software industry growth is that this digital revolution is fulfilling new needs and desires with each year. The progressive and dynamic characteristic of software development is making it hard for everyone to cope-up.

If you wish to survive efficiently in the software industry then it is essential to match its pace on an individual as well as corporate level. The digital revolution and speed of software development have left many dexterous professionals flabbergasted!

Every year, it is taking turns and changing faces to give new and shocking surprises to developers globally. We are sharing below certain developments that are taking place in the software industry worldwide.

The rise of Artificial intelligence

The software development industry has reached a new peak with AI. It involves developing Software that is supposed to think with the same intelligence as humans. It has found applications beyond the computer software industry, in medicine, psychology, mathematics, and is applied across various other sectors today. AI and its subsets: machine learning and deep learning are a couple of the primary technologies responsible for this digital revolution in the 21st century.


The blockchain technology is one of the most recent advances in software development. It can be seen as a distributed, decentralized and secure digital ledger that took the software industry by storm around 2 years ago. A blockchain network essentially allows access to information that cannot be tampered, removed or modified by any central authority, and at the same time is visible to everyone within the network.

software development industry

It is a hot topic today for a layman too and offers a vast growing scope in future for software development. In fact, it is considered as the next thing in the digital revolution.

Progressive Web Applications

While smartphones are used by a lot of people today, not everyone uses a ton of apps for accessing services. If you wish to reach billions of people then PWAs or Progressive web apps would be a perfect investment in software development. They are a hybrid of mobile and web applications. These apps are relatively easier to develop for mobile app development companies in comparison to full-fledged mobile apps and offer most of the functions of the latter. Therefore, they are suitable for both the end users as well as to developers within the software industry.

Low code development

The evolution of the software development industry over the years has allowed the introduction of easier languages and low-code programming. This helps professionals from non-technical background to understand various facets of the software industry, and it is no longer seen as unfamiliar or as a complex territory. It is in fact, helping those of a non-IT background reap the fruits of the digital revolution.


With the advancement of software development and spreading reach of the software industry, security threats are also rising. The data and software loss are increasing which has created a larger demand for security software. Cybersecurity is an issue which is taken very seriously today. But despite threats to information and digital security, new protocols, and encryption methods, thanks to the digital revolution have continued to keep most hackers at bay.

Impact of revolution in software development on society:

If you have perceived that the growth of software development is only affecting the software industry or other industry players alone then you are certainly wrong! These developments are drastically changing global society as a whole as well.

World’s Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council (GAC) has analyzed the ways in which the software industry trends is shaping the world. Their report “Deep Shift: 21 Ways Software Will Transform Global Society” interprets this issue with great detail.

software industry

Software development is transforming the way we live. It is providing us with smarter cities, smarter homes, and greater secure life. It is changing our monotonous lives to some exciting experiences which can be unfolded with the introduction of each new device or a software update.

Here are some areas which have observed the most drastic changes through software development:


There is no looking back for healthcare software development in recent years. Patient-centric portals are created today to give the best customer satisfaction in the healthcare industry. There are applications specifically designed for meditation, ovulation detection, etc.

Moreover, Artifical Intelligence has aided software development, entered and changed various complex surgeries and diagnosis processes amazingly. Accenture, in its research, has found out the estimates and predicted Artificial intelligence health market.

The below image shows the vast business of AI health sector from 2014 to 2021

software industry

Wearable internet:

Computers started from taking a full room then they came to desks, and now to peoples’ laps and hands. With the increasing advancement of software development, the internet has become a part of accessories and clothing as well.

It is estimated that already 10% of people are using wearable internet in Global Agenda Council (GAC) report. This will help parents in locating their young toddlers and enable better decision making and self-sufficiency.

Connected home:

Software development has made our life easier. The automation industry is rising and giving awesome solutions for consumers desiring to drown themselves into this digital revolution. With the increasing demand for comfort, developers are creating some brilliant sought-after software solutions for people.

software industry

Have you seen pets staying alone in a house talking to their masters by answering calls or people looking at their home camera footage all day? All this could be possible with software development.

Smart cities:

An area which is managed electronically through sensors in order to assess and maintain resources is called a smart city. In fact, the development of smart cities among the top priorities in the software development industry today as it is a core mission of every government. Vienna and Barcelona are a few examples of such cities.

Software development in these cities provides intelligent parking solutions, smart trash collection, and automated lighting, etc. In research by Statista, it is estimated that how much spending is done on smart cities.

The image below is a graphical representation of their research:

software industry


Undoubtedly, the revolution in software development is managing to affect our lives tremendously. It is not only the introduction of new innovative technologies that are creating the demand for custom software development companies but the increase in comfort desires for humans is also contributing to it.

We, as a world society are experiencing changes in every parameter of our lives. Throughout the past few decades, we have, either consciously or not, decided to inculcate software as an integral part of our routine lifestyle.

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