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How to attract customers to your e-commerce marketplace?

How to attract customers to your e-commerce marketplace?

Monday May 27, 2019,

5 min Read

attract customers to your website

Done with exhaustive market research, planning, designing and finally setting up your online marketplace?

Now its time to work upon finding the right customers. Even if you have already set your foot into the industry way back the constant struggle for driving more and more customers must be something that you’d be facing regularly.

With the advancements in technology and the ever-changing digital trends, there is never going to be a dearth of ways to drive more customers to your online marketplace.

Let’s take a look at the various ways that could help you pull in a lot more customers to your eCommerce marketplace website:

1-Take care of your website aesthetics:

As they say, the first impression is the last impression, indeed it is.

A presentable looking website with a clean structure not just looks appealing but also makes it extremely easy to look around for desired products.

Its important to make your website look visually appealing for your customers to get a positive vibe from it. You wouldn't want to risk it with a cluttered website and have the customers immediately click away.  

Your website is your chance to present your products and you must make full use of the chance at hand. The website shall be clear in its approach and convey the USP of your business effectively.

It’s only a matter of the first 3 seconds when a customer lands on your website for them to form an opinion. If the first impression doesn’t work out the customers would probably never want to return.

2-Provide attractive offers:

Offers and discounts have been used to drive customer traffic for the longest time. This is one strategy for customer acquisition that almost guarantees amazing traffic inflow.

Free offers attract both new and old customers alike, inviting them to check out the products on discount. Good discounts tend to give a kick start to the sales funnel.

Offers must be built with care keeping in mind the buyers' persona that you’re targeting and the occasion in which it is being offered. Thee offers must be tailor-made for the audience you intend to bring in.

3-Blogging and Content Marketing:

Blogging helps improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website, therefore driving in more customers through organic searches.

Write customer oriented content that’s intended at providing a solution. Such content is liked and shared by many that would help to create the right buzz for your online business.

Blogs have proved to be really effective in driving traffic to websites for long. Over 60% of consumers feel more confident about a product post going through custom content created for the same.

attract customers to your website


If you’re creating good, consumable blogs but failing miserably at marketing efforts are likely to go down the drain. In the present age, content marketing is largely succeeding in improving organic searches, thereby attracting customers and conversions. Therefore, content marketing is a must for your business to see improved organic traffic.

4- Social media marketing:


The power of social media is undoubtedly immense when it comes to its marketing potential. It allows for promotion free of cost to a large extent, which is one of the reasons it is a widely preferred platform for marketing purposes.


However, it's important to know the type of content that works for your audiences while marketing on social media. In order to engage your customers, it's crucial to keep generating content that interests and informs them at the same time.

how to attract customers to your website


Engaging content tends to create the right buzz attracting more and more people to follow you.

Key factors  to be kept in mind while posting on social media:

1-Selection of the best social media platform:

Picking the right platform to market your products is the first step in the right direction towards social media marketing. You need to identify the platform (or platforms)  that witness maximum participation from the customers with buyers persona that your business seeks to target.

attract customer to your website


2-Be regular with your posts:

As they say, out of sight is out of mind, regularly sending out content is crucial to making your presence felt. Regular, quality content increases audience engagement and sets expectations for your next post.

Not just posting new content but also engaging with your customers is crucial. Never miss out on responding to your customers and audiences.

5-Efficient Customer Service:

Nothing can beat the marketing prowess of a strong word of mouth from a satisfied customer.

And, that is only going to happen when diligent efforts are put into customer service. Efficient customer service is crucial to delivering the much sought after online shopping experience.

attract customers to your online shopping website

Complete understanding of the issues the customer is facing helps in better grievance redressal. From providing respite from any troubling situation while purchasing to assuring long term solutions all needs to be done effectively.

A Study proves that attracting new customers might end up costing 7 times more than retaining the older ones. Almost 85% of customer losses are because of poor customer service.

Good customer service in online shopping stores is of prime importance to achieve more sales and engagement.

All said and done, the above methods improve the chances of driving in more customers. Try to incorporate them for better conversions on your eCommerce marketplace.

What still remains key is planning. Plan, plan and plan more till you find the right concoction of measures that's fits your eCommerce store needs perfectly.

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