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How to Audit Your Digital Marketing Activity in 2019

Digital Marketing Audit Procedure in 2019

How to Audit Your Digital Marketing Activity in 2019

Thursday May 02, 2019,

11 min Read

Introduction to Digital Marketing Audit:

A digital marketing audit is the periodical investigation of the entire digital marketing efforts of digital marketers. Weak spots, procedural inadequacies, digital gaps, and loopholes get effectively sorted out as a result of successful auditing process for continuous development.

Digital marketers seem to neglect being connected with the concerned audits whenever they find their businesses on top of the search engines generating quality leads.

However, the complex ranking algorithms of the search engines never let any of the digital marketers remain over there consistently for several years.

Continuous validation processes are required to get rid of suddenly introduced strategies for derailing the progress and rise the entire business growth. 

It is better to start a successful auditing procedure in case of consistent troublesome situations and downfall of the digital initiatives.

The digital audit services strengthen the ongoing strategies and pick out the weaknesses for achieving the expected outputs.

The finally generated audit report puts forward the developmental analysis for fine tuning the SEO, SMM and PPC like campaigns adopted by the entrepreneurs.

The activity includes a broad range of activities including website analysis, social media profile analysis, paid campaign analysis and SEO strategy analysis.

Digital marketing audit

Website analysis plays a significant part including title and meta tags audit, internal link structure, hyperlinks, broken links, wrong links, backlinks, 404 page, images, sitemaps and many more.

Why audit digital marketing activity in 2019:

Digital marketing audit in 2019 is essential to keep track of the following list of points for successful implementation of the targeted campaigns for maximizing the business aspects:-

•   Taking up the sinking, unstable and decreasing website in case of unexpected lead generation.

•   Re-assembling the overview of the website performance.

•   Scaling up the site for not achieving the sales target.

•   The recent drop in sales for the past few months.

•   Inappropriate leads generated from the dedicated marketing campaigns.

•   Enhancement in the total number of social media followers for additional points.

•   Increasing sales with the least paid marketing budget.

•   Optimization of bounce rates on web pages.

•   Being too much exposed to consistent criticisms on the web.

•   Drastic improvement in the CTR for e-mail marketing related purposes.  

By successfully conducting the auditing procedure, insight regarding the consistent performance of every single channel is defined and analyzed. Finally, a solution for all the concerned issues gets designed for expected business outputs with lesser efforts.

Getting started with digital marketing audit in 2019:

Before getting started with the same, it is essential to have a firm idea of the targeted digital marketing goal. Several queries are required to get analyzed before going ahead:-

•   What are the business goals of the website?

•   Who is the targeted audience with the opted digital marketing efforts?

•   How can the targeted audience respond to digital marketing campaigns?

•   When was the last attempt for working on increasing the efficiencies of search engine optimization?

•   Is it well responsive and optimized for mobile devices?

•   Does the strategy perform as per the expectations?

Evaluations can get started soon after getting the concrete and direct answers to these questions.

It never matters about the content marketing tactics the company uses to reach the targeted audience.

There remain several correct ways to get them audited and evaluate the results.

digital marketing audit in 2019

Before getting started with social marketing audit activity in 2019, three metrics of digital marketing strategies are required to be kept in mind:

   Procedure: It is necessary to track digital marketing strategies and analyze whether it is still significant or not using a versatile range of processes.

   Reach: For the successful implementation of digital marketing campaigns, it is required to benchmark several activities. These include on-site tracking up of the ad impressions, SERP Rankings, site activities, social flower count, etc. to name a few.

   Conversion: Conversions plays the most crucial role for the entire set of efforts required to boost up the outcomes of digital marketing audit campaigns.

How to Audit Digital Marketing Activity in 2019:

•   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit:

The SEO audit is implemented for finding out the errors preventing us from getting ranked higher with online search engines. Accordingly, the desired website traffic gets increased consistently over a while.

SEO audit is an in-depth procedure for delving inside the website’s background, researching over the metadata, backlinks, search engine capability to crawl the web pages, etc. to name a few.

Biggest website problems get fixed by implementing SEO audit strategies boosting the website traffic exceptionally. It is one of the best achieved organic methods for increasing website traffic promoting fantastic ways to get the website prioritized by the top search engines.

   On page SEO audit: Google keyword planner like tools are utilized for investigating the new list of keyword for getting the sites ranked without any issues.

The concerned tools including SEO Spider and Link Sleuth are even implemented under the on-page SEO audit process along with the successful execution of the crawlers.

It is also required to go through the current URL structure and changing the permalink design as well for generating maximum leads.

It is a must to check out the appropriate ‘Alt’ tags for every single image inserted under the content. Broken links are required to get fixed with proper alignment of 310, 404 like re-directions.

Most importantly, website optimization must be given particular focus with a drastic increase in the page load times for enhancing user experience.

   Off page SEO audit: Off-page SEO audits are the crucial factors involved under digital marketing audit activity. Analysis of link back is critical concerning their optimum level of quality for better website performance.

Website administrators are required to get contacted for bringing down or expelling links from the sites. Such links do not have even a single concern with the business.

Being a Google Penguin compliant is the added characteristic of the audit doing individuals. Moreover, third-party link building via guest blogging and commenting like activities are needed to be analyzed for proper functioning.

Remaining updated with the Google algorithm is a must for being connected with the website ranking strategies. Subscribing to e-mail alerts and RSS feeds of the web journals adds much to the activity of the successful auditing process.

•   Website Audit:

A website audit is required to get started with analyzing the website goals for meeting the predefined targets. A website audit is solely confined on the user’s experience to get in close connection with the mentioned contents.

User interviews and tree testing like procedures are conducted for watching the people’s reaction. Tree testing is a phenomenon which analyzes the mental awareness of the website visitors while browsing the website. It is even helpful for fixing up the issues which cannot get noticed by the developers.

Another procedure under website audit named Card Sorting helps to notice the people’s creativity for arranging the website contents while visiting. It is considered one of the most significant ways to properly configure the website features and specifications.

Finally, the website audit makes the website easier to navigate, keeps up important business details in front and center, improves better readability of the contents and makes entire images & links work with complete efficiency.

The website audit strategies can even be shared with the clients for the successful execution of the processes. Better the implementation, nicer will be the website performance.

•   PPC Audit: PPC Audit is considered as one of the most desired auditing activities under digital marketing audit in 2019. Generally, pay per click (PPC) advertising audit is done for finding out the performance levels of current campaigns.

People can even find ways of enhancing their performances and boosting up business growth. PPC auditing strategies work out. At first, the campaign settings and structures are overlooked evaluating the specific type of campaigns which are running.

Dedicated watch track is maintained for monitoring the time of day ads serving followed by search impression shares, average position, click through rates (CTR), conversion rates, etc. to name a few.


After gathering the complete information based on PPC Audit, the concerned clients are informed about the best performing part and the one who needs improvements. The PPC auditing helps the clients better understand the output of their paid advertising campaigns.

•   Social media marketing audit: Social media is one of the most excellent internet marketing tools for maximizing sales and boosting up the business. However, the companies are completely unaware of the best marketing practices done by useful social media tools.

They keep on posting the product’s information over social media platforms and dream for gathering maximized people’s attention. Dedicated strategies with social add much more people’s engagement focus for boosting up the business growth.

The result oriented social media marketing audit deeply analyzes the social media activities asking the following sets of questions:-

   What platforms are mostly used for promotional purposes?

   Which kinds of content are consistently posted over social media platforms?

   Which types of products are getting maximized the attention of the audience?

   How much is the traffic from social media platforms?

   What about the clicking rates of social advertisements?

   What strategies are the competitors adopting for grabbing the audience’s attention?

Resolving the above sets of queries helps build an effective and revenue generating social media audiences. Proper analysis of the social media platforms and audience preferences makes the business reach at the extent of zenith within the shortest period.

•   Conversion rate optimization audit:

The appropriate conversion rate optimization audit makes the business owners understand the clicking tendencies of the audience. Are the customers clicking over the targeted links? Are they doing similar activities as desired by the business advertisers?

All such activities of the customers are tracked appropriately using conversion rate optimization audit processes under the audit.

By understanding the customer’s clicking behavior, the business owners can easily understand what percentage of the customers is converting online. If the online conversion is not as per the expectations, the process can be made even better for increased conversion rates.

The customer’s mentality and website content presence in front of them can be better analyzed for maximized revenue generation using the conversion rate optimization audit procedures.

•   Content marketing audit:

As per the latest Google algorithms, the content has been considered the king and kept over entire strategies for ranking any particular website or blog post. Content marketing has, therefore, become the core of whole web-based advertising campaigns.

The content along with the content marketing procedures are required to get revisited for grabbing the reader’s attention. Better the content management, added number of people’s attention can get noticed resulting in maximized revenues.

content marketing audit 2019

Blog posts can get created after proper keyword research and getting them linked internally to other similar informative contents on the website. White hat SEO strategies are required to get adopted for enriched user’s attention over the contents.

Also, to adopting exceptional strategies for creating quality rich contents, appropriate videos and images with proper meta-tags and description are even expected along with the materials. 

•   E-Mail marketing audit:

E-Mail marketing strategies are considered to have maximized conversion rates of entire internet marketing tactics. It is required to streamline the e-mail marketing campaigns in association with content marketing and social media marketing campaigns.

The wider audience can be reached effectively with little bit different messages about the same topic. By keeping an eye over the e-mail analytics and properly evaluating them, we can have an idea of customer’s interest in maximizing the sales.


To sum up, a digital marketing audit in 2019 will have vital importance over dedicated sets of efforts given by the business entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

In addition to the above-listed auditing campaigns, several other auditing procedures can get implemented for maximized conversions.

Keywords audit, sharing up the contents over the targeted platform for getting maximum conversions, taking care of consistent online presence, optimizing the landing pages and Google AdWords like advertising can have a significant impact.

It is better to be careful about doing digital marketing audit in 2019 as well for experiencing the most comprehensive range of benefits and remaining among the top search priorities.