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How to be a Successful Amazon India Seller?

How to be a Successful Amazon India Seller?

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

3 min Read

Selling profitably on Amazon India is a dream for every seller. As Amazon India is a vastly growing marketplace, you can take advantage of this brand name’s tremendous reach and influence. However, due to the huge amount of competition among Amazon India sellers under every category, being a successful seller on this platform is easier said than done. You have to follow certain steps & guidelines to gain an edge over your competitors on Amazon India. We will discuss some of the steps in the following paragraphs.

Select the Right Niche

For becoming a successful Amazon India seller, you have to focus on the products that users are actually interested in. Therefore, it is important to keep a tab on what is trending on Amazon India and select your appropriate selling accordingly. As a potentially successful Amazon India seller, you would want to focus on niches that are always in demand. There are various niches like electronics, Baby Items, Clothing etc which have a constant profitable market.

Know your Competition

To establish yourself as a successful Amazon India seller, you must analyse your competitor products in your preferred Amazon India selling category. Check your competitor's product pricing, their offered products, offered discounts etc. In addition, check out the positive as well as negative reviews posted on their products to find out user's preferences and expectations from them, so that you can meet these needs and avoid having the same fate.

Invest in an Amazon Product Research Tool

An Amazon India Product Research Tool like Barrel13 helps you get ahead in the competition by avoiding the manual research and provides you with precise analysis of sales, revenues & other sales related info of products you want to sell on Amazon India. By investing in a product research tool, you can always be one step ahead of your competitor as you will have comprehensive product knowledge of your category, which would help you take right decisions when it comes to becoming a successful Amazon India seller.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

The focus of a brand like Amazon India on great quality & seamless delivery is the main reason behind a user’s loyalty towards them. Therefore, setting up FBA will help you leave behind the headache of organizing orders & handling packaging and other behind-the-scenes task, ensure more buyers for your products and turbocharge your sales.

Run Advertisements on Amazon India

Amazon India supports advertisements on its home page & checkout page; you can highlight your product by running advertisements through these pages. It would help bringing in traffic to your product which would result in higher sales. If the users get products of great quality, it would also establish your credibility as a successful Amazon India seller.

Take Care of Brand Authorization

To ensure being successful as an Amazon India seller, always ensure listing only those products which have no copyright or brand authorization issues. Check whether you need permission from a brand to sell online. Failure to take permission would mean that there is no proof of your product’s originality since there would be no authorization letter from the brand, which could really hurt you in the long run.

Establishing yourself as an Amazon India seller requires dedication, patience & discipline. If you want your business to be a success on Amazon India, the aforementioned points are the best steps to follow, as they will surely help you take the next step towards becoming a successful seller on Amazon India.