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How to Book a stall in your city

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

4 min Read


For exhibitors and sponsors, it is always a challenge to dig through event listings and find details about stalls in terms of size, location, and amenities. A much bigger challenge is ensuring that you choose stalls at events with the right audience profiles. Google searches and event listings are useful in finding events, but the sheer amount of information, the complexity involved in of narrowing down of options, lack of bench marking tools, and absence of end-to-end support makes them unappealing.

In such a scenario Onspon, the leading Indian sponsorship platform is your ideal option for finding highly relevant events and book stalls that optimize your ROI.Whether you are looking for stalls in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Bangalore, has event listings in all major metros along with many more tier-2 and tier-3 cities. On the platform, you can not only find the relevant events but complete the stall booking process through the dashboard itself. The platform is highly effective in addressing the concerns of sponsors/exhibitors when it comes to stall bookings.

Why book a stall through

Here are 5 major challenges that every company faces while deciding on stalls at events/exhibitions and how effectively solves them -

  1. On general event listing the audience profile is not available except for the most general of terms. In such a scenario, it is very difficult to assess the probable ROI and choose the best stall option. But, provides detailed info about the audience in terms of numbers expected, age groups, professional profiles, interests, and preferences etc. This info will go a long way in choosing stalls that offer maximum exposure to the audience of your choice.
  2. In most of the event listings, a comparative presentation of stall options is sadly lacking. This leads the exhibitor to either navigate through event website or get the info through a series of emails which is both cumbersome and time-consuming. On you can access stall details like location, size, amenities (furnishings, wifi, power backup, AV support etc.), pricing etc. This will help the companies choose a prime location and ensure that all exhibiting needs are met.
  3. Searching through google/ event listings and comparing stall options can be a hassle when you are looking for multi-city stall options or stalls in multiple locations within the city. overcomes this bottleneck by providing the options to alter your search parameters and instantly find suitable events/stalls. This will go a long way in helping you create a chain of exhibitions within or across the cities and ensure cohesiveness across them.
  4. Smaller local events with a highly focused audience are the key to achieving optimum ROI with minimal investment. In such local events, quality of the audience will always triumph over quantity, but in generalised event listings or searches, it is very difficult to assess the potential conversion or sales of local events. But on you can search for specific local events and find detailed audience profiles, helping you make better stall choices.
  5. Many a times companies miss out on exhibiting at highly relevant events as they are not listed in the event database you are searching in. These unlisted events often become a missed opportunity because either you can not find them or have no way of contacting them to take things forward. Through, you can not only connect with listed events but find an unlisted event and connect with them through the sourcing team.

How to book a stall in your city?

With finding the relevant stall and booking it happens in four simple steps -

  1. As the first step, you should sign up and create a brand brief outlining brand category and your ideal demographic parameters.
  2. Specify relevant categories of events and tags that you are specifically looking for. You can also choose who can see your listing and avoid wasting time with irrelevant contacts.
  3. Now sit back and let the events contact you by applying to your brand brief - check out their stall details and choose the one that is best suited for your purpose. Alternatively, will suggest relevant events based on your profile and preferences, which you can choose depending on the fit.
  4. Contact the event organizer over a call, message, or your brand dashboard to seal the deal and book your stall in the city of your choice.

Apart from finding and booking stalls, also provides access to the full support of a relationship manager who will assist you with benchmarking your event, negotiating the terms, contract drafts, and creating an event calendar.

Don’t waste another minute digging through endless event listings - Log into today to find and book a stall at events to enjoy optimum audience access and ROI.