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How to choose old fashioned alarm clock for heavy sleepers

How to choose old fashioned alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

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Old fashioned alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Alarm clocks upgraded with the trends of technology. Everyone is looking for best alarm clocks suited for him. But the old fashioned ones still has their fans appeal. Handy transmitter-controlled alarm clock always shows the correct time! Even when the time advances or goes back one hour, this alarm is automatically set. The day and date are also displayed automatically and even the house temperature can be read on the screen. The alarm clock has a good LCD screen, but it projects an outdated analog clock with a second hand. The alarm wakes you up in the morning with a buzzer alarm and you have the option of activating the repeat function. You need two AAA batteries for this alarm, which are not included.

Best old fashioned alarm clocks have to have the following features;

  • Antique alarm clock is for anyone who is boys or girls. Vintage alarm clock continues in silent movement without ticking. Noisy alarm clocks have high quality and good material.
  • Traditional alarm clock with night light. Silent analog quartz alarm clock plays a role in fashion room / bedroom decoration. Classic alarm clock has Roman numerals.
  • Sound alarm clock for those who sleep heavily, wakes him up every morning on time. Classic alarm clock with simple operation, sounds correctly at any time you want to install.
  • Alarm clock without ticking can be the best gift for your family, friends and children. Portable alarm clock can be taken anywhere, such as a bedroom, kitchen, office and even a travel alarm clock.
  • We offer one year quality guarantee and a lifetime after-sales service. Welcome to contact us for any questions.

List of the best alarm clocks from old age;

  1. Coolzon Classic Bell Dual Alarm Clock
  2. EASEHOME Double Bell Analog Quartz Alarm Clock
  3. COOJA Vintage Double Bell Analog Quartz Alarm Clock
  4. Disney Magical Analog Alarm Clock
  5. Luanaoo Silent Analog Alarm Clock

Besides these ones Energy Sistem has created a new speaker for all those who have trouble detaching themselves from the sheets in the morning. The new Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge allows you to dispense with the annoying and uncomfortable hum of traditional alarm clocks, since it is a complete musical equipment with alarm function and offers the possibility of starting the day in a much more pleasant way. As if that were not enough, during the rest of the day accompany the user with their favorite music. This device is also designed with an elegant and minimalist finish to be able to integrate it perfectly in any room.

This modern alarm clock has speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 technology to listen to music wirelessly when desired. It offers a 2.0 stereo sound and 10 W of power with bass enhancement system, through a double passive membrane that will make the user enjoy clear and high quality sound. Another of its novelties is its wireless charger compatible with the Qi standard.

Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge also has an FM radio tuner with capacity for 50 presets; In addition to a USB port, microSD card player and an auxiliary audio input in 3.5mm minijack, if you want to connect any other device. All these options are also configurable in alarm mode.

This alarm speaker allows you to program up to two alarms independently - for example, it supports one for weekdays and another for the weekend -. In addition, it has a delay and repeat alarm function every 5 minutes and a timer to program the shutdown time - up to 3 hours in advance -. It also includes a safety battery, to continue operating even if there is a power failure.

Regarding the design, Clock Speaker 4 Wireless Charge has a large screen for a perfect display in all light conditions and offers the possibility of regulating its intensity.